Secret Heroes feedback

Hey everyone, we would love to get gameplay feedback and feature requests for secret heroes. Thanks in advance for your help!

From my experience w Secret Heroes it’s like a League/Dota game. The people who start off strong will snowball (win, get higher levels, win more, etc). Losers are nerfed, making it more likely they lose in the future. There’s some skill component missing which could make up for falling behind. Probably would require some more options in the presetting if you keep auto-resolve. Users could take balanced, offensive or defensive styles. These could interact in different ways like rock paper scissors. Could add NFTs for weapons/clothing users could equip. Could add PvE experience, so users who aren’t PvP ready (or very far behind) could train other ways. Overall though I think there needs to be a mission. What are the players trying to accomplish beyond being on a leaderboard? If it was an arcade game people want to be at the top because it implies skill. What does it mean in a game that auto-resolves?

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One thing to take into acc is that it can get rather costly if you play constantly. You can get away with submitting 0 fee transactions because some nodes accept them currently, but going onwards what’s the plan to maintain it affordable?

Games nowadays all have micro tx implemented into them and are either free to pay/subscription based/or one time payment. The nearest parallel you could draw is that paying per use with on chain transactions is similar to subscription based, but usually subscription based games are those that require heavy amounts of grinding and hours of gameplay so it is sort of implied on the pitch that the player will have enough content to offset the consistent investment. I guess some sort of secret hero marketplace could make it so that a user may recover their investment by selling their heroes. At that point you would need a gameplay loop that makes it possible for newcomers to join, rather than praying you don’t get someone extremely overleveled compared to you because they started early.

Don’t get me wrong, secret heroes is cool as a proof of concept, but there are questions in regards to sustainability besides gameplay itself.

(1) Potential simple matchmaking based off of skill level - if the disparity is too large, the match is not made. This reduces individuals ability to game the secret contract (matchmaking late at night with bad characters vs their good character).
(2) Reduction in frequency of negative skill reductions (this is an extremely negative mechanic, and everyone I talked to found that this was probably the most frustrating component of the game)
(3) Season based reset of skills for a certain type of NFT → give a reason for everyone to collectively start from scratch within certain “leagues” of competition where skills get reset. This could be its own separate secret contract, and will encourage more consistent network participation. This also lowers barriers of entry.
(4) Have a certain day of the week where a win (or even just participation) gives 2x the positive outcome of both wins & skills. This once again cycles back to the idea of encouraging participation
(5) “Secret Hero Showcase” → have players submit their most powerful characters to a “showcase” contract where other people can view these strongest heroes. One day, it would be cool if there was bidding functionality for heroes put on sale. Additionally, maybe as a proof-of-concept people could “lend” their heroes for a price.
(6) Level of skill → spend gas to train a skill.
(7) Add achievements to the game “Play 10 matches…Win 3 matches in a row…Mint 10 heroes”. Have these achievements redeemable for growing a skill.

These are just a couple of ideas gathered from people. Hope these help!