Secret Comments = Increased SEFI Governance Participation (Credit to Shedaim)

Proposal #13 is live.

Credit goes to Shedaim (Proposal 7). Votes didn’t reach quorum. I would like this proposal to reach quorum and have a proper vote.

Finding ways to increase the interaction when submitting proposals should be the goal of any SEFI/SCRT holder. Baking a comment feature underneath the proposal is a great way to increase voter participation. In this proposal, the Secret Comments would be implemented using the SEFI Community Spending. Currently, users are recommended to post threads on the Secret Forum. Implementing a comment thread on page would create a well-oiled SEFI voting machine where HODLers can quickly make decisions on whether or not they want to keep the ball rolling.

Thanks for taking your time to read this proposal.

I disagree - it’s additional resource required to improve a system that already has an effective system. Just have everyone that makes a proposal paste the link of the Forum thread for their proposal, and you have active communication for any proposal.

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In my opinion, the more we can keep on screen the better. Linking to the forum is fine, but users will interact more with comments on screen. You can look at this as a loss leader strategy. We can get people to stay on the governance page and learn more about Secretswap. They may be incentivized to trade or stake more. Let’s get people in the door and keep them within the network.

I like the idea but honestly I doubt this should take priority over other things sefi should be working on. Secret comments is a complex move that moves the needle only slightly.


Good points. I’m not sure what other things the SEFI team is working on at the moment.