Secret Bridge - Extreme Interest Rate volatility?

Hi all, I’m staking ERC-20 crypto on the Secret Bridge, such as WBTC.

The interest rates seem to be extremely volatile, sometimes 100%+ APY and, oftentimes, down to 0% APY for all/almost all currencies.

How is the staking APY % determined and, especially, why does it fall to 0% very frequently?

I’ve looked for docs and other information around this topic but haven’t found anything.

For total clarity, this is not about Secret Network Swap/Earn, only the Secret Bridge single currency staking.


Anyone have an idea on how APY %s are set for the ETH Bridge Earn/Staking rewards?

The extreme values you talk about are always on Tuesdays. This is when the APY is recalculated that results in a UI bug. The bug has not a priority right now as the bridge mining program was always intended to be a temporary program. APY is slowly lowered to incentivize Liquidity Providing.

The program was originally intended for 4 weeks, got extended to 8, and is now live for 4/5 months. I guess the original timeline didn’t warrant the creation of documentation.


Thanks for the context and information, that makes sense. I didn’t realize that the Bridge Mining Program was meant to be temporary.