[RETRACTED] SNAC Proposal: Operation OVO — QR Sticker Blitz

Does Secret Network need celebrity exposure? Not necessarily.

Would celebrity exposure to Secret Network lead to an increase in awareness and brand recognition? Perhaps.

Is this something worth trying? Absolutely.

Drake isn’t just a mega-celebrity; he’s also a prolific venture capitalist. Drake’s investment portfolio includes personal finance companies such as Wealthsimple, as well as E-Sports companies such as 100 Thieves and Player’s Lounge.

Plan of Action:

  1. Print 500 QR stickers that direct the scanner (Drake and associates) to the Secret Network website (scrt.network).
  2. Place 100 stickers daily (for 5 consecutive days) in and around Drake’s neighbourhood, the Bridle Path in Toronto (if circumstances allow, stickers will be placed directly on Drake’s fence-stickers will be easy to peel off in order to not vandalize Drake’s property and have this plan backfire).
  3. The only KPI for this initiative will be the number of unique scans these QR stickers receive (community will receive a report after day 5).

Worst case scenario, this initiative will lead to a small increase in website traffic. Even if Drake does not take the bait, the Bridle Path houses some of the wealthiest individuals in Canada (including Robert Herjavec from Shark Tank).

One-time payment of 200 scrt to pay for high quality stickers.


This is an awesome plan I fully support. I would be willing to do them in and around NYC pending the success of this pilot. I like the fact you can track scans. This seems like a good use of funds to try something new and innovative.


I like this concept but do have open questions. How will we adapt the QR code to make them highly engaging and encourage people to scan on sight? Will you include some sort of copy text? Is it better to link this to Secret NFTs more than the network more generally, if there isn’t as clear of a call to action?


I love the guerrilla sticker idea. @the-dusky and I talked about this a long time ago.

I was wondering if we could get more artistic with an idea like this. Kind of along with what @tor mentioned above. Think Banksy or street art with a call to action.

I don’t think we link to SecretNFTs specifically. I like a broad call to action like “Join us” or something.


But if Elie wants to specifically target an artist like Drake, it’s better to promote secretNFTS.


Thanks for the replies. Excellent ideas and helpful input all around. I will make a more detailed proposal in the near future with added layers of complexity. For now, please disregard this SNAC proposal.