[REPOSTED] SNAC - Instagram growth

  • clear ownership (who is managing the campaign?)

JuniorJunior (contributor) and myself (scrtisland/vegsurfer) (as contributor + pm as co-lead of awareness)

  • executive summary (high level overview of the campaign)

Instagram growth with official @scrtnetwork account

  • strategic goals (what are we looking to accomplish for the network?)

Actively managing, posting, and engaging with followers/fresh eyes

  • KPIs (how will we measure what is accomplished?)

Within Instagram there is an insights function that allows you to get in app analysis. It’s decent. There are a few others that can show more data analysis of account reach and grow.
This will NOT use follower bots or any high risk botting / fake followers. Growth will be slow and steady but will be real members of the community interested in privacy, secretNFTs, development and investing in the Secret Network.

  • proposed timeline (broken into phases for execution)

Month 1
Demo / competition research, list of potential targets / followers to touch
Initial content building baseline

If we decided to pump out the first month with 5 post per week (20 total) this would enable us to creatively regurgitate some of the youtube content that Tor has done, screen shots on twitter from community members/validators (this would inherently create engagement/buy in). We could also highlight bridge/ecosystem developments. Doing it in a very clean, informative, yet cool way will attract eyes.

Month 2
Continue actively engaging audience and growing

  • implementation notes (anything to help clarify execution)

2 Sprints / week

Each session (2 per week) will include a post and with a like and comment sprint that is capped at 250 likes / 25 comments per session.

We’ll target accounts like Binance, CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Coinbase, Coin.Bureau, and any other YouTuber that’s talked about SCRT.

  • resource requirements (what will it take to get this done?)

2 x 1 hour sessions with 2 people = 4 person hours / week
16 person hours / month
15 SCRT / Hour = 240 SCRT / month for person hours

10-30 SCRT / month on management tools for analytics collaboration, scheduling

access to instagram account @scrtnetwork