[REJECTED] SNAC Proposal: Secret Network Community Anthem

Name of Proposal

Secret Network Community Anthem by Cryptic Entertainments

Proposal overview

Introduction :

Cryptic Entertainments

We are an Edutainment venture working diligently for the crypto ecosystem. Cryptic Entertainments is home to directors, editors, musicians, mix engineers, cinematographers, illustrators, producers, and other geeky, cool, misfits tied together by our one true love—Crypto. Committed to the highest quality production of Art pieces like films, music videos, web series, and short movies. The company platform envisions pioneering, innovative arts that aim to entertain and educate worldwide audiences.

Services we offer:

The vision behind Cryptic Entertainments:

We believe art is the most powerful tool to bring revolution around the world. There are numerous examples in the world that proves it right. We believe taking crypto and blockchain to masses art is the way forward. At Cryptic we assembled a team who understands crypto, believes in crypto and loves crypto. We make songs where we give our complete heart and try to bring masses to the biggest revolution going in human history fuelled by Technology. After co-founding Finstreet and taking it to a community of 4 million I am working on cryptic to take the edutainment route to educate people about cryptocurrency and blockchain. Our only focus is to make people aware of the crypto and blockchain through the art route.

Music, in particular, has a colorful history when it comes to bringing change to the world. It’s a universal language that transcends borders. In 2009, a Somali-Canadian artist wrote a song for Somalia, about the struggles of his country and the hopes of its people. A year later, the song was rewritten and performed by 50+ artists to spread awareness and raise funds for Haiti after the devastating earthquake of 2010. The same year, it also became Coca-Cola’s FIFA anthem. A single song had amassed such a massive history in a little over a year― K’naan’s Wavin’ Flag was not just a song - it was an experience that millions shared, it was a message of hope that brought nations together.

As an entrepreneur, the soul of a musician was always beneath me and I feel this should be used to spread awareness for the biggest revolution going on in humankind’s history.

I envision Music as a strong gateway for the masses to learn about this revolution which aspires to be borderless and permissionless.

I have spent the last four years removing doubts from people’s minds about the crypto world. I believe by creating mass appealing music and art we can cater to the doubts or any sort of misunderstanding into the minds of the general public.

Problem Description:

Masses feel blockchain and crypto are quite technical in nature. There’s a requirement of the medium through which we can onboard masses into this ecosystem. We need an innovative medium of taking our message to the masses.

Solution Approach:

We will be making a community anthem highlighting the services offered by the Secret Network ecosystem along with the features of the Secret network blockchain. It will help reach out to the masses about what Secret does and educate them about the problems solved by Secret.

We will be providing the following to make sure we reach to masses about Secret:

  1. Original Soundtrack
  2. Album Art
  3. Lyrical Video
  4. Musical Video (4k Ultra HD)
  5. Pre Roll Act (Teaser)
  6. Musical Memes
  7. Distribution across 25+ music streaming platforms

Detailed Technical Plan and Statement of Work:

Plan of action:

Week 1: Research & Setup

We’ll be finalizing the following after discussing with your team

  • Music genre
  • Theme,
  • Basic lyrical ideas
  • Special inclusion etc.

Week 2: Audio draft

The First Audio draft will be submitted to your team for feedback before sending it to the final process of mixing and mastering.

Week 3: Revision + Audio finalization

Audio will be finalized as per the feedback received from your team. The track will be mixed and mastered as per international standards in 1 week of audio finalization

Week4: Video draft + final Audio

Video draft will be submitted along with the final audio. The finishing touch will be given as soon as we get the feedback from your team

Week5: Revision + finalization + publishing

The full project (both audio and video) will be shared with your team by the end of week 5.

The soundtrack will be published on all the discussed channels as per your team’s desired schedule.

We use the following cameras for video shooting:

  • Camera - Sony Fx3 with 24mm/35mm/ 85mm lens
  • Other equipment: - Gimbal - Zhiyun Crane 2
  • Simpex Studio lights
  • Editing system - Macbook Pro 16 inch
  • Vfx desktop - i9 processor / 32 GB 3200 mhz RAM / AMD 8GB graphic card

For Audio we use the following:

  • Mics: Neumann U87
  • Preamps: Neve
  • Audio Interface: RME

The Flow process for Community Anthem:


  • Stage 1 - Lyrics
  • Stage 2 - Melody (Composition)
  • Stage 3 - Production
  • Stage 4 - Live Instruments Recording(if any)
  • Stage 5 - Vocals Recording (In-studio)
  • Stage 6 - Mixing
  • Stage 7 - Mastering


  • Stage 1 - Scripting
  • Stage 2 - Location Setup (Lighting, Costumes, Make-up & Props)
  • Stage 3 - Shoot (Filming Performers)
  • Stage 4 - VFX and Graphics
  • Stage 5 - Editing
  • Stage 6 - Digital Intermediate


Funds from the grant will be used in the following activities-

A) HR cost which includes the following people:

  1. Lyricist
  2. Composer,
  3. Music Producer, Instrumentalists (if any)
  4. 1-2 Lead Vocalists
  5. 2-4 backing Vocalists
  6. Recording Engineer
  7. Mix Engineer
  8. Mastering Engineer
  9. Director
  10. DOP
  11. Editor
  12. 2-3 Runners
  13. 1-2 Performers
  14. Digital Intermediary

B) Setup cost

  1. Recording equipment (Camera, Lighting, mic, etc.)
  2. Infrastructure cost (Recording studio, Video set, etc.)
  3. Miscellaneous expenses

We are requesting a grant of $6,500 in SCRT.


  1. Litesh Gumber, CEO of Cryptic Entertainments


Litesh Gumber is an Educationist and a team player who always believed that in order to introduce the “Early Majority” to the crypto and blockchain sector, we have to make learning fun. For this, he brought together 20+ industry experts from the entertainment and crypto ecosystem under one roof, to create meaningful art that’ll act as a catalyst for the present crypto revolution. Before Cryptic, he was part of the founding team of Finstreet, a crypto-based educational platform in India.

  1. Shubham Semwal, Creative Director


Shubham Semwal a.k.a. Sémwal, is a singer-songwriter from India. For as long as he can remember, music has been an integral part of his life. He grew up listening to his father’s prized cassette collection of western pop music from the 80s and 90s and heavy doses of MTV in the early 2000s.

Thank you for submitting this proposal. A very interesting idea and a perfect use-case for the SNAC fund. I’m looking forward to reading the community feedback on this :slight_smile:

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@Stefan_DomeriumLabs thank you for your support. Looking forward to educating people and raising awareness using the community anthem.

Couldn’t help but do a little background research here :slight_smile:

This is you guys, correct?

Anything in particular you learned from that production you’d like to bring into this work? I’m curious what Secret sounds like to you.


Also in future you may want to change the name of the proposal when copy/pasting.


Thank you @tor , I believe with the increase in dapps and overall adoption of defi the role of Secret Network is getting crucial day by day. The problem is huge that is solved by Secret. I am following the project from Enigma times. The way project has evolved over the years and the intensity of development of applications is second to none in the space. We feel more people should know about the fantastic work by Secret in privacy space and raise awareness about the project.

@tor the major ideas that will be there in the community anthem will be the problems solved by Secret, rapid development on the network, Monero bridge which only a few teams in the space can build, and other important details the community wants to include.

Absolutely @tor thank for your guidance here. I hope you will treat this as a first draft of any project :slight_smile: You and the whole community will absolutely love the anthem.

Hello community,

We can keep an AMA as well. I would be happy to answer your questions or queries regarding the proposal.


I think something pure entertainment / meme has a higher chance of going viral and reaching a larger audience. Something like this https://twitter.com/i/status/1436293759042469888. Has your group experimented with this type of genre?


Yes @winston , we actively engage with the project to make sure all the points put forward by them are included in the anthem. We can deliver what the community will ask us. We can surely discuss the themes around which we need to keep the anthem.

I believe more people will get aware of the Secret Network with the help of Community Anthem.

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Hi community, please guide us on how we can take this forward. Looking forward to your guidance and support.


Your proposal will be discussed in the weekly committee leads meeting. Which is scheduled for today.

@Litesh We discussed the proposal in the meeting today.

We aren’t convinced that this particular project will yield the kind of return that the SNAC was made for.

We have our doubt if the video/lyrics/anthem will resonate with the audience beyond the rhythm/lyrics. We are looking for campaigns that expand our ecosystem in users, activity, developers, resources, etc. We aren’t convinced that this anthem will contribute to such statistics.

Thank you @Stefan_DomeriumLabs for your team reviewing our proposal.

The goal of the community anthem is to expand users in the ecosystem by educating users about the secret network in an entertaining way. In the Polygon case, justusepolygon helped raise the high gas fees in ethereum and how users can mint nfts on Polygon with very fewer costs involved.

This community anthem will surely contribute to the goals set for SNACs. Chinese community of IOST released the Chinese version of IOST community anthem highlighting the success of community expansion.

They have published a medium article for it also.

We guarantee a minimum reach to 2 million people using the community anthem.

Hi community,

I would like to update you regarding our work. We recently launched Filecoin anthem:

Please listen to our other work as well: