[REJECTED] Secret Network Metaverse Concert

SNAC Proposal Name:

Secret Network Metaverse Concert by Cryptic Entertainments

Proposal overview

We will organize a metaverse concert for the Secret Network community. We have recently organized India’s first metaverse concert on Somnium. We got covered by NDTV, one of the biggest news organizations in the world for our concert. Metaverse concert will provide a great community engagement.

We use the following equipment for the concert:
Mic: Neumann KMS 105
Audio Interface: RME Fireface
Mixer: 1. Avid SC48 (for full band setup)
2. Allen & Heath QU32 (for small setup)

We will add custom Secret Network banners in the background of the stage where the artist will perform.

Proposal ask

We are looking for a grant of $3,500 in SCRT.

Metrics for success

We will provide the following:

  1. One BTS video of the concert’
  2. One-hour live performance on different tracks
  3. Metaverse concert performance video

External links

Please refer to our concert video:

Please refer to our BTS of the concert:

Our coverage on NDTV:

Our coverage on Indian Express:

Hi team,

It will be great to have your feedback on our proposal.


Litesh, this proposal is very similar to the one of your anthem (advertisement under your music content).

You’re asking $3,500 for paid advertisement in front of an audience that isn’t necessarily a focus group.

The same feedback applies: we don’t see the ROI and prefer to spend our marketing budget on other endeavors.

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Thank you @Stefan_DomeriumLabs Stefan for your feedback. This activity is a community engagement thing rather than a paid advertisement. ROI is community engagement.

Our concert was covered live on National TV bringing millions of eyeballs through this so I am pretty sure about the ROI. We can invite the community and they can enjoy the concert with Secret Network support.

Hi team,

Can you please update me regarding the proposal?


My apologies Litesh, it appears my message earlier has not been clear enough.

The SNAC proposal was rejected as the team does not see sufficient ROI compared to other awareness opportunities.