Question on Team allocation of Tokenomics

Hi everyone!
Quick disclaimer: I really think SECRET is a game-changing protocol and I’m trying to educate myself as much on it as possible. Looking to either make content about SCRT or start developing Secret Apps but for now, I just want to fully understand everything about it before I commit.

Could someone explain the total tokenomics distribution to me?
The link at Secret Network Tokenomics and Ecosystem Pool - Secret Network
says that the Team takes 21% and Enigma (and affiliates) takes 17% which is markedly lower than other projects where around 25% is allocated to the team.

It seems that in this case, Enigma was the old team and some of the Enigma members moved over to Secret and new team members joined, so wouldn’t the entire Team portion actually be Team + Enigma?

Meaning that the Team allocation is actually closer to 38%?

I understand the team amount is split amongst Past, Present and Future distributions but it really isn’t very transparent to me so far.

Many thanks in advance!