QCAD Support and Mobile Solutions

Can we get QCAD support in Secret Network?

Asking for this because netcoins.app exchange offers Canadians a free fiat onramp 1:1 trade for QCAD ERC20 token and free transfer to any ETH address. With a decent referral program (Buy & sell crypto in less than 5 minutes - Netcoins)

The problem with QCAD is liquidity is near zero on the internet and it is merely useless, despite it being a legit token with monthly audits. I can change the liquidity problem on Secret Network with a decent amount of USDT/DAI/USDC and QCAD LP pair. It would act as a direct conduit for any Canadian getting into crypto the proper way, hold your keys and exchange assets on a DEX.

Also does anyone know how to use Secret Network via mobile application to send and receive. Just got Math wallet and used seed phrase but the SCRT address is different in Math compared to Keplr and no balances appear. Same seed phrase creates two unique wallets and addresses?

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