Q2 Awareness Committee Proposal

Topic : Awareness Committee Funding Proposal

Proposer : WhisperNode (secretvaloper16k26akna7h295rfjx3278s7xusnt736vy437y8)

Propose Date : 3/23/2022

Awareness Committee Funding Proposal

This proposal is for the on-chain funding period 01 April 2022 to 30 June 2022.

Purpose of the Awareness Committee

The Awareness Committee exists to spread awareness of Secret Network, convert cryptocurrency influencers, traders, and developers into advocates, and to recruit ecosystem contributors from a variety of backgrounds. For full Awareness Charter see here:

Notable Achievements Last Funding Period

  • Increased number of Secret Agents from approximately 7,000 to 19,000
  • Put together a team of 5 onboarding agents + leads for program coordination and execution
  • Produced Agent recruiting video #2
  • Worked with Design Committee to create Initial set of Secret Agent Badges
  • Developed the new Mission Booklet and Commendations badge system
  • Provided onboarding support for hundreds of new community members via DMs and in official channels
  • Had the Nigerian Community led by ThePopeBlack represent Secret Network at Blockchain University of Nigeria Conference
  • Presentated to Oregon Blockchain Group Peponks & melch18
  • Organized and managed the Awareness Committee meetings
  • Skrillah Created swag and attended NFT Auction & Stablecoin Conference in Spain
  • Attended multiple other IRL conferences and secured meaningful relationships with influencers and partners alike including recruiting current Secret Agent Platform creators Oper Events/Communi3, potential API cluster partners POKT Network, etc.
  • Worked closely with the Communi3 team at Opera Events & launched V0 of the Communi3 Secret Agent Platform including:
    • A branded Secret Agent experience
    • Easier onboarding process and automatic social channel links
    • Preliminary agent ranks and total points
    • Initial onboarding, referral, and dApp quest lines
    • Weekly agents reports

Notable Deliverables in This Funding Period

Continual Deliverables

  • Maintain Secret Agent CRM
  • Secret Agent Landing Page on SCRT.Network
  • Organize and manage the Awareness Committee and its projects
  • Post Awareness Committee Meeting Recaps to the Secret Forum
  • Function as program manager for all Awareness related SNACs
  • Maintain content on Secret Agent Platform site
  • Secret Agent Interest Form
  • Secret Agent Newsletter
  • Secret Agent Points and Rank Tracking
  • Secret Calendar and Runbook
  • Secret Network Appearances on Podcasts, Interviews, etc.
  • Develop a University Agent strategy (With the new platform in place it is time to get to work on this)

One-Time Deliverables

  • Potential Conferences: BTC Miami, NFT.NYC, DCentral Austin, NFT Auction in Barcelona, Stablecoin conference Barcelona, European Blockchain Convention 2022
    (May need budget for swag if Foundation does not attend, ex. Skrillah printed hats for Barcelona)
  • Secret Agent Interview Series
  • Agent co-ordinators planning & running
  • IberoAM plenary speech Peponks

New Funding Period Goals/Tasks:

The previous period saw the initial planning for the implementation of the Communi3 web platform. This upcoming period will focus on onboarding agents to the new platform starting with the oldest & most active Agents, to get feedback and make the launch date for new Agents the most interactive experience it can possibly be.

  • Creating new user-flow and “quests”/Missions within the new platform
  • Integrating a new ranking/reward structure for Secret Agents
  • Designing additional badges and reputation for commendations/ranks
  • Creating NFT rewards for Secret Agents
  • Working with an external team on a series of Secret Agent videos (has already been contacted and negotiated)
  • Continuing to issue daily missions and engaging contests

With the platform in place during this next funding period it will be time to start developing a University Agent strategy. We’ve already begun thinking about this with an initial presentation to the Oregon Blockchain Group, and we have already collected an initial contact list of clubs around the world. The key to making this a success will be creating an experience where agents can come onboard with no prior knowledge and learn about Secret Network.

*for the full scope of work, committee organization, membership, and decision making process, please see the charter:

Performance Indicators by Which the Committee Can Be Held Accountable

While Awareness is a nebulous term there are metrics that can be tracked across many different channels to measure the effectiveness of the Awareness Committee. At establishment of this Committee these KPIs will include:

  • No. of Secret Network Twitter Followers
  • No. of Secret Network SubReddit Subscribers
  • No. of Secret Network Instagram Followers
  • No. of Secret Network Discord Members
  • No. of Secret Agents Recruited
  • No. of Secret Agent Points Accumulated
  • No. of Runbook Campaigns Run
  • No. of Distribution Channels Hit Weekly
  • No. of SNACs Passed

Budget Request

The Awareness Committee asks a budget for the compensated leadership roles, for the Secret Agent Program Rewards and Incentives, and a discretionary budget to put bounties on open projects and reward committee members on top of the rewards they are able to earn through the Secret Agent Program.

Compensated Roles

SecretSkrillah = $60/h - 40 hours per week - $9,600 / month *3 months = $28,800

  • 4 years experience in web based marketing & new product development for e-commerce. 15 years professional experience in recruitment, team management & training in the culinary industry.
  • One of the top 3 Secret Agents, with the top rank possible.
  • Secret Agent Program Coordinator since August 2021, dealing with onboarding, support & strategies related to the Agents program revamp.
  • Former Secret Network Technical Support team member, dealing with the trickier support cases & co-ordinating with other blockchain projects & validator teams.
  • More than 250 SCRT Pizzas delivered to new users, many recruited as Agents
  • Represented Secret Network at Cosmosverse Conference, Lisbon & other events in Europe
  • Built out the Agent Co-Ordinators team to be a 24-7 global operation.
  • Well spoken British accent, befitting of a Secret Agent.

Brendan | WhisperNode = $60/h - 20 hours per week - $4,800 / month *3 months = $14,400

  • 12 years professional experience in Cost Analysis and Contract Negotiation with the Navy and Peace Corps
  • One of the original Enigma Ambassadors
  • Long history as a Videographer, Content Creator, and Secret Network education contributor
  • Secured numerous appearances for Tor Bair and Brendan Kittredge to various channels
  • Have attended multiple IRL conferences and secured meaningful relationships with influencers and partners alike including recruiting current Marketing/PR partnership with current company under contract (Republic.co), Current Secret Agent Platform creators Oper Events/Communi3, Potential API cluster partners POKT Network, etc.
  • Have been working on the Secret Agent Program re-vamp actively for months
  • Current Awareness committee lead for over 1 year

Agent Onboarding:

Drakinora $30/hr x 10 hours per week - $1,200 * 3 months = $3,600
Bertramcoins $30/hr x 20 hours per week - $2,400 * 3 = $7,200
Popeblack $30/hr x 20 hours per week - $2,400 * 3 months = $7,200
Peponks $30/hr x 20 hours per week - $2,400 * 3 months = $7,200
melch18 $30/hr x 20 hours per week - $2,400 * 3 months = $7,200

Discretionary Budget

There are known expenses for the upcoming period and unknowns. It’s requested that the following be allocated for the upcoming funding period:

  • Secret Agent Platform: Funding should be moving to the Foundation
  • Agent video series: $5,000
  • Agent Rewards and Contests: $10,000 (150-200 SCRT/week $53months)
  • Conference Budget: $6,000
  • Total: $21,000

Secret Agent rewards vary widely as some months more agents achieve higher ranks than others requiring a higher/lower monthly payout for unlocked achievements. Some months may include multiple contests, or giveaways. There is also a more concerted focus on improving the talent pipeline. All unexpended funds are rolled over to the next month’s budget. Any larger expenditures for advertising/marketing will have to come from the SNAC process or from the Secret Foundation directly.

TOTAL: $96,600
Brendan: $14,400
Skrillah: $28,800
Agent Onboarding: $32,400
Discretionary: $21,000

SCRT Price on 3/16/22: $4.5

Total SCRT: 21,466


Also huge shout-out to @johnbrodish and Petchpeth and all others who’ve helped with this new platform. The designs have been clutch in creating an awesome experience!


I would like to thank & congratulate all the Agent Co-ordinators for all the hard work & who have made this all possible!

@PepeVO1, @Thepopeblack, @melch18, @bertramcoins & @SoberGluttony you guys have all been amazing this last Q & each brought something new to the team. We truly have a global team now and are ready to take Agents from 20k to 100k & beyond!

Also thanks to @Patrick for always supporting with comms :heart:

If any project managers are out there reading this & want to leverage the power of Secret Agents to drive adoption of your products - Reach out to us on Discord or Telegram :slight_smile:


Truly incredible Q1 “Notable Achievements” - The University outreach agent strategy will be a huge awareness boost in Q2 and the new agent platform will help retain agent activity.

Great initiatives :clap:


Q1 is outstanding with the massive outreach!
Notable Achievements and Recognition of Secret Network around the world, Universities and conferences outreach was massive.

Greater milestone to achieve in Q2.
Thanks to the entire team for thier dedication and commitment towards achieving the goals and aspirations of the committee.

Thanks to @Brendan and @SecretSkrillah for their endless effort in Q1!


Thank YOU guys for stepping up and doing awesome work.


Since the beginning of the year, the actions carried out by the awareness committee have been extremely fruitful and with it the growth of the Secret Network, not a personal opinion, the metrics speak for themselves. I am very proud and excited to be part of this group of people who continually seek to bring the Secret Network to every corner of the world.
I want to thank everyone for their support.


I’ve noticed nonstop growth + outreach on Twitter & it’s been awesome to watch. The Secret Agents program has to be one of my favorite initiatives going on right now, and it truly appears to be having a positive influence on the overall level of onboarding to the ecosystem.

Well done. Q2 should bring some big growth for SCRT & the community as a whole!


The Secret Network is growing and becoming more popular. At the moment, privacy is a necessary tool for interacting with the outside world.

The Awareness Committee does a lot to ensure that people around the world are confident in the security of blockchain technology.

The Secret Network community has been very friendly to its members since the first days. Also, the team is working hard to ensure that the top representatives from different professions become our friends and assist us in developing unique products, whether it’s a new dapp, excellent design, or educational content.

You’re doing a fantastic job, guys!

Thank you, it’s a privilege to work with such experts!


Can we setup a defi strategy to create fund the treasury so that funding proposals does not consistently subtract from the treasury? Something like a stablecoin farming strategy and either maintain the proceeds in stable coins or use them to purchase back more secrt from the market? I personally would like to see secrt sold for stablecoins invested in a low risk insured stablecoin farm and the proceeds used to purchase back the secret sold to start the strategy, after the treasury is replenished the additional profits can be stacked and reinvested to increase the treasury or used to continue purchasing back secrt from the market. However the second method could contribute to the token becoming inaccessible due to price over time. Comments and suggestions please.

It could happen, but a) it would no longer be coming from the community pool in effect (which replenishes), b) would then be counted in circulating supply, and c) need to be managed somehow and updates would need to occur. I don’t think we’re draining the community pool very much by these to be honest. They replenish pretty fast. It’s not a bad thought and has been discussed before.


Since the beginning of the Secret Agent Program, progress from month to month is clearly visible.

@Brendan and all the other guys are doing a great job. Just keep going. :fist_right: :fist_left:


Just wanted to acknowledge all the good work going on by the team, I’m a rookie agent and still learning before I dive in deeper. This space is so exciting currently, being an investor also, this good work makes me very happy. The proposal has my yes vote.



For all that want to see transparency in the budget it has been transferred in the following transaction:

I have to ask if agent coordinators want their address to remain private, but you can see the wallet funded and I will try to keep all that we can keep public that does not interfere with individual privacy.