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Topic : Awareness Committee Funding Proposal

Proposer : WhisperNode (secretvaloper16k26akna7h295rfjx3278s7xusnt736vy437y8) Propose Date :

Awareness Committee Funding Proposal

This proposal is for the on-chain funding period 01 January 2021 to 30 March 2021.

Purpose of the Awareness Committee

The Awareness Committee exists to spread awareness of Secret Network, convert cryptocurrency influencers, traders, and developers into advocates, and to recruit ecosystem contributors from a variety of backgrounds. For full Awareness Charter see here:

Notable Deliverables Last Funding Period

  • Produced Agent recruiting video to live on the scrt.network/agents website
  • Worked with Design Committee to create the new landing page at scrt.network/agents
  • Created scrt.network mailchimp account for secret agent CRM
  • Created a new onboarding flow for new secret agent utilizing Mailchimp, Zapier API integrations, Google products, and custom Discord bots
  • Developed the new Mission Booklet and Commendations badge system
  • Provided onboarding support for hundreds of new community members via DMs and in official channels
  • Increased number of Secret Agents from approximately 1,000 to 7,000
  • Attended conferences in NYC (2x), Miami (2x), and Portugal on behalf of Secret Network and performed Business Development functions
  • Coordinated with the Terra team as an official after party sponsor for DCentral Miami
  • Recruited multiple new validators to the network
  • Recruited 2 onboarding agents
  • Organized and managed the Awareness Committee meetings
  • Secured a couple Secret Network Appearances on Podcasts, Interviews, etc.

Notable Deliverables in This Funding Period

Continual Deliverables

  • Maintain Secret Agent CRM
  • Secret Agent Landing Page on SCRT.Network
  • Organize and manage the Awareness Committee and its projects
  • Post Awareness Committee Meeting Recaps to the Secret Forum
  • Function as program manager for all Awareness related SNACs
  • Maintain content on Secret Agent HQ site
  • Secret Agent Interest Form
  • Secret Agent Newsletter
  • Secret Agent Points and Rank Tracking
  • Secret Calendar and Runbook
  • Secret Network Appearances on Podcasts, Interviews, etc.

New Funding Period Goals/Tasks:

While the re-vamped Secret Agent onboarding process utilizing Mailchimp, Zapier, Google products, and Discord bots improved upon old processes it is still not in a final state. There are many issues with this process, and coordinating across many different platforms has proved difficult.

1,626 Secret Agents have submitted the necessary information to move on to next onboarding steps from the 7,720 who’ve submitted emails on the landing page. Part of this is that there may be bots spamming the landing page API (there are suspicious looking “emails”). Another part may be that agents are hesitant to use Google products and give their information. This is a difficult position for a privacy focused platform. In either case there are improvements to be made across the board, and many more agents to be onboarded and activated. Recognized points include the following:

  • Old agents remain confused about the new onboarding process
  • Mission submission form process is too complicated
  • The onboarding process and series of emails is too convoluted and time consuming
  • The onboarding process tries to direct new agents to committees too early in the process and they’re confused if they’re committed to one forever
  • Lack of direction: agents are expected to be self-starters, but this can be difficult. While we do not have resources to personally welcome every new agent a system must be developed to improve upon this lack of direction
  • Some agents feel like the main thing they can contribute is just retweeting, and earning small amounts of SCRT in return. They want to have more significant jobs. This highlights the need for a more prominent Open Projects Board.
  • New ranking system has not yet been released

There has always been a need for a stand-alone platform for agents. In the last period the committee explored two approaches: 1) Building an internal API and front-end for tracking missions points and ranks, and 2) Finding an outside product that fits our program needs. Both of these approaches are ongoing and are being explored in parallel. This funding period therefore will include the following tasks:

  • Exploration of a pre-built platform for agent onboarding, missions, and rank tracking. The team has already had numerous meetings and demos with a company they met in Miami who provides such a platform.
  • Creating new user-flow and “quests”/Missions within the new platform
  • Integrating a new ranking/reward structure for Secret Agents
  • Designing badges for commendations/ranks
  • Creating NFT rewards for Secret Agents
  • Working with an external team on a series of Secret Agent videos (has already been contacted and negotiated)
  • Continuing to issue daily missions and engaging contests

*for the full scope of work, committee organization, membership, and decision making process, please see the charter:

Performance Indicators by Which the Committee Can Be Held Accountable

While Awareness is a nebulous term there are metrics that can be tracked across many different channels to measure the effectiveness of the Awareness Committee. At establishment of this Committee these KPIs will include:

Number of Secret Network Twitter Followers
Number of Secret Network SubReddit Subscribers
Number of Secret Network Instagram Followers
Number of Secret Network Discord Members
Number of Secret Agents Recruited
Number of Secret Agent Points Accumulated
Number of Runbook Campaigns Run
Number of Distribution Channels Hit Weekly
Number of SNACs Passed

Budget Request

The Awareness Committee asks a budget for the compensated leadership roles, for the Secret Agent Program Rewards and Incentives, and a discretionary budget to put bounties on open projects and reward committee members on top of the rewards they are able to earn through the Secret Agent Program.

Compensated Roles

Brendan | WhisperNode = $60/h - 15 hours per week - $3,600 / month

  • 12 years professional experience in Cost Analysis and Contract Negotiation with the Navy and Peace Corps
  • One of the original Enigma Ambassadors
  • Long history as a Videographer, Content Creator, and Secret Network education contributor
  • Secured numerous appearances for Tor Bair and Brendan Kittredge to various channels
  • Have attended multiple IRL conferences and secured meaningful relationships with influencers and partners alike including recruiting current Marketing/PR partnership with current company under contract (Republic.co)
  • Have been working on the Secret Agent Program re-vamp actively for months now and recruited some top-notch talent to help create an engaging experience. This effort produced 1,000 sign-ups just 2 weeks after landing page launch with no active promotion yet.
  • Current Awareness committee lead for 11 months. Oversaw the following growth across tracked channels since January:

SecretSkrillah = $60/h - 15 hours per week - $3,600 / month

  • 15 years professional experience in recruitment, team management & training in the culinary industry. 4 years experience in web based marketing & new product development for e-commerce.
  • One of the top 3 Secret Agents, with the top rank possible.
  • Secret Agent Program Coordinator since August, dealing with onboarding, support & strategies related to the Agents program revamp.
  • Secret Network Technical Support team member, dealing with the trickier support cases & co-ordinating with other blockchain projects & validator teams.
  • 200 SCRT Pizzas delivered to new users, many recruited as Agents.

  • Represented Secret Network at Cosmosverse Conference, Lisbon.
  • Well spoken British accent, befitting of a Secret Agent.



Discretionary Budget

Due to the change in proposal procedures the committee will have to re-think how to present the discretionary budget ask. Previously everything had been done in terms of $SCRT. There are known expenses for the upcoming period and unknowns. It’s requested that the following be allocated for the upcoming funding period:

  • Secret Agent Platform Pilot: $10,000 ($5-15k/month….if we determine it suits our needs it will be requested that the Secret Foundation pay this in the future)
  • Agent video series: $10,000
  • Agent Rewards and Contests: $5,000
  • Conference Budget: $5,000
  • Agent Onboarding Help: $5,000 (Reversesigh + 1-2 others)

Secret Agent rewards vary widely as well as some months more agents achieve higher ranks than others requiring a higher/lower monthly payout for unlocked achievements. Some months may include multiple contests, or giveaways. All unexpended funds are rolled over to the next month’s budget. Any larger expenditures for advertising/marketing will have to come from the SNAC process or from the Secret Foundation directly.


Hey, thanks for this!

The one thing I think should be updated is @SecretSkrillah 's hours, if they’re amicable. They clearly put in more than 15 hours per week, and I believe should be appropriately compensated for the time they’re allocating.


Excellent work! Excited to see the new Secret Agent page, and grateful for all of your hard work!

Easy support from us!


I would agree with this. Honestly was just trying to keep the ask low to avoid being bombarded. I would love to keep mine the same and increase his hours. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Apologies to @SecretSkrillah as well I should have checked with him to give an estimate of his hours before posting.


I second this. @SecretSkrillah has worked his tail off and it shows!


Thank you guys for the support & vouches! And if any other agents are reading let this be a testament that hard work here doesn’t go unnoticed!

I am dedicating full-time hours to Secret I would say at the moment including weekends, evenings & holidays but I also split my time between the Secret Agents, Awareness & Support in equal measure really. At least it would be hard to judge over multiple platforms & with 1000’s of active users. I guess this raises more questions about which committee funds those specific areas, when team members fulfill a few varied roles.

Either way there is much to be done on the Secret Agents Program over the coming months while we sort out the progression structure for the new interface, and get it battle-tested with the active Agents. I can’t wait to get stuck in with that!

@Brendan I have to say this is one of the most concise props I have seen in my time on the network. And hats off to you Sir for delivering the incredible adoption metrics we have seen. :tophat:


Thank you for the concise proposal!

The feedback mentioned on the Agent program is spot on and following the past meetings I think you are putting great effort in to improve on this. With so many new agents the Awareness results can be huge if even a small percentage of them can become active contributors.

I think @SecretSkrillah deserves a raise for his fantastic British accent!


I second your second.


I’ve only been a part of this community for a short time, but the more I get involved, the more impressed I am at the quality of work delivered in this space; and the exceptional work ethic of its members. Bravo Sers.


A most excellent proposal Brendan and SecretScrillah!

It’s quite detailed and shows how much work you guys have put into the Awareness Committee initiatives. I especially loved that you included some pain points so we can understand what needs to be addressed for the next quarter for funding. I agree that the Secret Agent onboarding is critical to our goals of BIG growth for 2022 :confetti_ball:.

I support your proposal and I hope that the Secret Agent Platform fits your guys’ requirements and works out well :100:.

Thank you for all your hard work awareness team :slight_smile:

We support this proposal!

I think you could of went up to $65 , just saying.

Thank you for the amazing dedication and devotion towards progressing a fair free future for the folks 200 years away with the work you do currently within the SN community.

Thank you all for voting & passing our proposal!

This is quite a profound moment for me & I’m very excited to help deliver on these KPI’s, with the rest of the awesome team we have assembled!

It’s been & continues to be an absolute pleasure to work with all of you.

If anyone wants their mind blown, join our committee call on Monday 4 pm UTC, and see how many Agents we have brought on board this week :wink:

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