Proposal #18 - Higher Staking APY and new pools with new IBC update

  • This was not my proposal and I’m creating this post because none was included*

Higher Staking APY and new pools with new IBC update


On the day of the huge update (IBC) it is important to use the attention secret network will get for the good of secret swap. There should be some new pools on that day including the new coins, making it attractive for many to bridge them to secretswap, raising liquidity and bringing more awarness to secret swap and secret network. We should consider making the APY higher to attract many new costumers to our site when everyones eyes are on the secret network and on it’s products and show them what secretswap is capable of. Higher Apy should last around 3 to 4 weeks and include at least the new pools and sefi “staking”.

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I do not support this proposal as it doesn’t make sense. SEFI has a fixed maximum supply. To raise the APR, we just need to raise the price of SEFI, which we do not control. We could absolutely give incentivized pairings with the new IBC tokens.

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Terra are about to pass a proposal to incentivise LUNA and UST pools on Osmosis, I think it would be beneficial to both ecosystems to do the same with SecretSwap, I’m thinking these pools would make the Terra ecosystem happy to fund:

  • sUST/sSCRT

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combine that with SEFI rewards, and you might get some very attractive APR’s to bring in liquidity

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New pairings are definitively needed on SecretSwap. Especially after the Supernova update. The APY doesn’t matter as much to me.

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More sXMR pairings would be nice too, not too many as liquidity get’s diluted, maybe:

  1. sXMR/sSCRT
  2. sXMR/sETH