Proposal #11 - Collect Fees From Secret Network

I did not create this governance proposal. Since no forum post was linked to the proposal I decided to start a thread here to hopefully hear better enumeration of what is desired/entailed in this proposal. As it currently stands it is loaded with ambiguity. If ‘MoonMoon’, or anybody else attached to this proposal or idea would like to further enumerate its goal or means of attaining it here to persuade myself and others to vote for it, feel free!

Hopefully in the future all governance proposals will have links to accompanying forum posts to better discussion, leaving less uncertainty for potential voters, or room for error in interpretation by the SEFI Exec Committee.


If i am properly understanding this, which i may not be. I’d personally rather see all fees on secret network in general burned vs go to a dapp on the network. Secret is needed to do computations on the network, thats part of what drives value for secret. Also, this belongs in secret network governance not sefi governance.


Sefi stakeholders have no right to dictate changes on the secret network protocol. It’s as if Uniswap holders had voted, prior to EIP-1559, that ETH gas fees went to Uniswap holders rather than miners. It’s unenforceable.