Prepare your Secret Node for the Genesis Games!

The first guide from is out! :tada: Prepare for the Genesis Games and learn how to Deploy a Secret Node on Vultr.

Next Guide | How to Deploy a Secret Node on your NUC | Expected release on or before Sep 29, 2019

Note : Until the networked version of enigma is launced these guides will only deploy non-networked nodes. These guides will also be updated as future iterations of enigma software is released.

thank you. This is very helpful. I have a question.

In Part 3, step 2, can we use Windows 10, or is it just Linux and OSX?

You can use Windows. I’ll add that part in the next hour here. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you. Will we have to reinstall the secret node when we transition from non-networked to networked versions? Will it be just a matter of fixing some settings within the current install process?

Users should be able to upgrade this without issue when enigma releases the networked version. Ultimately if there is an issue remember this guide should only take you 10-25 minutes to complete start to finish so if an upgrade fails when the networked update comes out there isn’t a whole lot of additional work you’ll need to do when starting from scratch anyways.

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