Personal Performance Tab Proposal 16

LP’s, staking pools, swaps, bridges, and privacy are some of the features of Secret Swap.

How will future real-world investments keep track of their portfolio?

I propose a Personal Performance tab next to the Governance tab in Secret Swap. This would be a total stats page. It could calculate your total month to date/year to date/5 year/10 year returns and present this information in a visually appealing graph. Let’s give investors that Vanguard feel. Personal Performance could calculate your individual cost basis for SEFI or any of other tokens on Secret Swap. You could view your cost basis and ROI in each pool you join. This would be a great advertising tool. I’m open to discuss which stats could be included on this page. It needs to be visually appealing and help transform the traditional investor over to a secret investor.

Thanks for your time,

Proposal is live on Secret Swap!

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Interesting idea. Could this be integrated directly in a wallet? If not I wonder what kind of application could be built for this, it could definitely be useful.


It would be a cool feature in a wallet. If this could be integrated into an individuals personal dashboard on their Secret Swap page, things would be interactive. Individuals could customize their DeFi financial goals. The more we can do to increase the users time within the Secret Swap ecosystem, the better.

Just putting it out here that starting a forum thread at the same time as you bring the proposal online is not going to benefit the outcome of the proposal.

Using the forums as a platform to discuss and get the details of the proposal down, to then upload a proposal that shows a clear action plan is going to be much more likely to pass.