Open Discussion: SNACs [Secret Network Action Campaigns]

Hi all,

Thanks for your thoughts so far in the SCRT / SEFI Value Capture and Creation thread. Great to see so much engagement on the issue.

As mentioned there, one of the main functions of the Secret Foundation is to steward and accelerate the growth of the Secret ecosystem while ensuring its sustainability. Today I’m starting a new thread to solicit initial suggestions for SNACs - Secret Network Action Campaigns.

In the past we’ve defined the SNAC acronym (SNACronym?) as Awareness Campaigns, Activation Campaigns, etc. But I’m currently thinking Action Campaigns best captures the spirit of the initiative.

A SNAC is any plan or project that increases broad awareness of the network and applications, activates our and other communities, and spurs action from a critical mass of contributors.

The first SNAC (SNAC-1) was executed back in September in partnership with the Keplr team. The goal was drive awareness for the network and wallet, as well as installations. And it was very successful :slight_smile:

Ultimately every SNAC should have a few things defined:

  • clear ownership (who is managing the campaign?)
  • executive summary (high level overview of the campaign)
  • strategic goals (what are we looking to accomplish for the network?)
  • KPIs (how will we measure what is accomplished?)
  • proposed timeline (broken into phases for execution)
  • implementation notes (anything to help clarify execution)
  • resource requirements (what will it take to get this done?)

I’m planning an upcoming blog that will affirm and explain Secret Foundation’s commitment of resources to Secret Agents who submit and take ownership of potentially powerful SNACs. You can get funded for any initiative provided it is carefully considered and clearly defined. SNAC proposals will be reviewed by the Foundation, committee leads, and any relevant committees for each individual SNAC. (For example, the Keplr campaign would have been reviewed by the Awareness Committee.)

In this thread I’d love to see two things:

  1. initial suggestions of SNACs at a high level - they don’t yet need to be in that fully-fleshed out form that we’d expect for proposals, but they do need to concretely identify opportunities and link them to potential results.
  2. feedback on SNACs and how we can improve the process - keep in mind that our KPIs for SNACs overall are maximizing the number of high-quality submissions and the number of successfully executed campaigns.

“Pay YouTubers” and “More Exchanges” are not good examples of SNACs. But if suggestions in this thread are specific and actionable, I will personally work with you to turn them into realities and help you find the resources you require.

Don’t let your memes be dreams. Let’s do this, Secret Agents.

:male_detective: :female_detective:


I feel that as we come together and discuss much will be progressed .

This sounds like something NLG can solve. Narrative Science might have something light to pilot. Check out Lexio by Narrative Science :call_me_hand:t3:

I’m interested in exploring the idea of creating a SCRT E-sports franchise . I think if we can use funds to create SNACs that would eventually become self sufficient and perpetually operate independently on their own .

Now if we were to form an E team we would need to have tryouts. This by itself is exposure. Now lets say we draft a strong E team and they actually start winning.

We could create Youtube content about the E team all the while directly keeping SN front and center .

I am not a gamer at all but I do know that more people turned into an E Sports Tourney then the Superbowl in 2019.

I like the idea! The more our name is out there the better.

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I think one of the best potential actionable steps Secret Foundation could take to spread awareness about Secret is making an awesome 1-2 minute animated video that enlightens the viewer in a way that he/she says: “WOW, I’m glad I found this video and watched it – I need to invest in this unique piece of blockchain technology. NOW! Why haven’t I found this yet???”.

How do we do this? By communicating all the information on why Secret is so valuable AND by simultaneously illustrating that same information in a simplistic, elegant and beautiful manner. The video needs to be both practical (how does Secret work and what have we built so far) and visionary (what will Secret achieve). I’m talking Apple commercial quality (and it doesn’t have to be expensive). If we do this right, Steve Jobs might just rise from the grave. And every viewer in average might just have a FOMO-induced moment where the video is shared with 2 or more friends. End result? We go to the moon. Let me explain.

My first introduction to Secret about two months ago, after seeing it shilled by Coin Bureau, was the main website. The clean, dark design and the mysterious cartoonish illustrations lured me into digging deeper. I watched the video on the front page (think that was it), and kind of grasped the totality of the concept, but not really. Some key element of understanding was missing from my brain – not sure what. However, I decided to dig deeper (did hours on hours of research) and after a few days >50% of my crypto portfolio was SCRT. Then I watched it threefold a few weeks later. One thing I notice about this community is that everyone that “understands the Secret” becomes an evangelical HODLer, myself included. Why? Because we understand the importance and significance of the technology and the vision. The problem, I think, is getting to that understanding.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the video on the website that drew me in. I’m not criticizing it (or maybe I am?), but it’s just another half-explanatory video in my opinion. There are too many visual elements not directly correlated with the information being conveyed, and I think the information itself is really good from a visionary perspective but not so practical. Also, a lot has happened since that video was made, and I think we should really exploit the opportunity to brag about Secret DeFi, NFTs and BRIDGES! And illustrate it! Relevant illustrations with metaphors and analogies are so important.

From the top of my mind, I imagine the following sequences in such a video could be something like (these are just initial thoughts and together we can refine it into something really cool):

1) Make the viewer understand the technology / Secrets positioning in crypto-space
Very practical. Explain it’s an L1 smart-contract platform utilizing Cosmos SDK/Tendermint, and how it relates to Cosmos (ATOM). Explain how smart contracts can be private/encrypted (sSCRT), but there is an outer transparent layer (SCRT).
Illustration: We see a physical marketplace (because that’s what a smart contract platform really is – smart contracts are just digital handshakes between buyers and sellers) being built from data-code, where there is a dark zone in the middle where anyone can trade secretly – but you can see who trades there when they walk in and out. People in the dark zone (you cannot see who) are secretly trading sSCRT with other tokens, and people leaving the marketplace is exchanging their SCRT for cold hard Bitcoin – openly and transparent.

2) Share the vision.
Much of what is in the video on the front page of First we explain the problem with centralized applications, how they are vulnerable and how the corporations running them can become poised with their own political agendas. Then we explain that blockchain promises to solve this, but EVERYTHING is transparent. Last, we explain how Secret solves this problem. Decentralized, and privacy by default. This allows for an ocean of financial applications, and apps like a decentralized uber.
Illustration: We zoom out from the marketplace and see we are in a city. Signals are being emitted from a dark evil skyscraper (centralized source) to different cell phones, and there are just massive amounts of user data leaking out from the skyscraper. Then we show nodes popping up all over the city, allowing two users to do a decentralized blockchain transaction through their mobile phones. But the evil skyscraper is spying on them both, saving their data in a database, selling it to another evil skyscraper. THEN, a new set of nodes appear, a portion of them located in the part of town where the Secret marketplace is (the one shown in the beginning of the video), and the same users being spied on doing another transaction – PRIVATELY. This transaction is in the form of an Uber-ish ride.

3) Create FOMO. Show what has been built so far, what is being built, and what it will lead to
Now we go practical again. Explain the Ethereum bridge and how it allows for secretly trading Ethereum tokens. Then explain the other bridges (BSC, DOT, Monero, even Bitcoin). After that, we explain how DeFi applications are being built (and mention our dear SEFI), and Secret NFTs. We need to make the viewer think “WOW”
Illustration: The city fades away and we just see the marketplace again. A sophisticated and elegant modern bridge appears, that leads to a huge city where we see known Ethereum logos (logos of the ETH coins that are bridged, e.g. Uniswap). Blocks (not cars) are driving at high speed back and forth across the bridge. Then we show another bridge (BSC), and a third bridge (Polkadot), and a fourth (Monero) and a fifth (Bitcoin) bridge. They all have blocks driving back and forth. In the middle of it all is “Secret City”, we see it steadily growing in the video with skyscrapers around the central marketplace as each bridge is added. In relation to the DeFi explanation, a financial district is added with high tech skyscrapers. In relation to the NFT explanation, an art gallery district and a amusement park is added.

Why should we do this? We can afford it (way cheaper than many other initiatives), and they say a picture is worth a thousand words. If we can make an excellent video, the outcome could really be something.

I’m willing to lead the project, host two workshops with some of you guys (to make sure we convey the exact right information in our video) and draw sketches on paper (I have experience with modelling and explanatory drawings for business purposes) for the sequences in the video. Then, we find someone to make the video as I’m not a video creator myself. It needs to be someone who can create 3D, modern-looking cool videos. I will know the right creator when I see his work. Not sure what something like that will cost. $10K? 20K? 30K? Anyways, my gut feeling says it will be worth it.

When the video is done, we promote the hell out of it. Put it on the website. Have Secret agents spread it all over. I’m happy to contribute to a distribution plan. I feel confident we can have the video ready in a month.


Sounds like you’re truly onto something there. I’m always seeing similar updates from other networks. “Whale Alerts”, “Token Burns” etc. If it’s reaching me without even following the project, it’ll reach everyone else too.

Hello everyone,

My plan might not really suit the ‘awareness’ type, but I don’t think we have an issue in drawing attention. The problem, in my eyes, lies in maintaining that newly gathered attention.

I would like to see quality over quantity. There’s a ton of crypto projects out there that do just a single thing but do it really well with amazingly easy-to-use UX. We have the ability to do a lot of things, but as of now, it’s still a very rough diamond and I feel like we are trying to do a lot of things at once. This is also what I hear from people getting in the discord channel: “I don’t think this project should be out of beta yet.”
I’d say a private swap and private transactions are amazing already, but we should really strive for a better user experience (there’s still a ton of issues on the swap and the bridge even), better communication, and better accessible information provision: mainly for new users.

My plan is to centralize information provision and improve re-usability & searchability. The main target group is the average crypto enthusiast and user. I proposed this lately in the discord Education channel:

Hello education committee. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but I believe we could highly benefit from a centralized place with answers to FAQ. In regular times, questions such as: can I use a mobile wallet? How do I move to another wallet? How do I decide what validator I chose? I jUsT fOuNd sOmE eNg, CaN i StIlL sWaP fOr ScRt? etcetera.
During these launch times (and the growing pains) we see a high demand of answers to questions about SEFI, total supply, viewing key errors, bridge earnings etcetera.
The community as a whole has so much knowledge, why not employ it in an effective manner accessible to all users? Currently, I see there is a lot of knowledge buried in blog posts, Telegram answers, a telegram bot, medium posts, youtube videos or Figment datahub, or any other medium. This lacks reusability.

What we need, in my personal opinion, is a place to find answers to the most trivial questions, as well as a comprehensive FAQ with good searchability (maybe even search engine optimization for google results).

So, how could we do this? We could set up a wiki with community governed paged for a lot of these trivial questions. For example; a wiki page about wallets. Write a list of different wallets that are available for Secret Network, which wallets support SNIP-20’s, quick guides how to download/use a wallet/tokens, how to mitigate to another wallet, etc.
Whenever a question arises from anywhere across the secret community (telegram, discord, youtube comments, medium posts, whatever) we could link to the wiki, wiki page, or even a section.

We could benefit from the ever-growing secret agents and quickly populate the wiki by utilizing the combined knowledge of the community.

I’m curious to hear your opinions about this matter!


A wiki would be a great idea, written in a format that is understandable for even crypto newbies - not necessarily just those new to the Secret Network.

I have always found custom wiki’s super useful! It’s a very good idea.

I have determined that the forgiveness of damage has an equal and opposite value of the damage itself. That one can flow this forgiveness through a cryptocurrency to imbue the cryptocurrency with value.

I’m Joe Baker the founder of, and

11 years ago in September of 2009 police in Bakersfield California falsely arrested me resulting in me being clubbed 15 times, then I offered resistance by tipping over the aggressive officer. He said" I think he shot himself" And while I laid belly down with my arms at my side as instructed he came and stomped on my head and neck three times. I may never get any remedy from a court, but I can issue a forgiveness contract worth more than all the money in the world. Stomping on my neck made me forget about Bitcoin from a time when it was 0.003 dollars. The opportunity cost multiplier is about a hundred million.

So I have a spreadsheet where I have calculated the value of my proposed forgiveness which exceeds 1.5 quintillion dollars.

I feel the only way to get buy-in from the public is to give them shares of this money as an inheritance. " Your secret worth "… I think that might be a branding slogan that might go well together with secret network.

I have been calling for secrecy features in ethereum like token blockchains since 2017. Only in the recent month have I discovered secret network. I am jumping for joy!

For people to be able to have and exercise a currency which shames an act of government and to be able to do so with complete privacy is a very very powerful thing.

I do a show on weekdays at 1:00 p.m. US Central Time called Joe Baker’s Remedy Report. where in recent weeks I have already talked about secret network. The show’s purpose is to bring Harmony to the world through economic innovations like the forgiveness asset, health tips and increased awareness. And also to have a good time doing it!

Incoming days I’ll figure out how to make this proposal to your group in line with the metrics and a deeper understanding of how our projects can work together.

One of the key tenants I describe is how each person has infinite worth. My task is to teach a cadre of people to understand that when they accept tokens issued against a person’s infinite worth they are locking arms with humanity to support the betterment of the human race.

Perhaps secret network could allow fees to be paid in part using an asset like antimoney. Perhaps 1% of the fee could be paid this way. Giving assent to the infinite value of every human being in each transaction would be phenomenal.

I have realized that nasty money affects the human race. Nasty money is any kind of money that is based on debt or scarcity. When humans transact with nasty money it projects to their subconscious mind that the money is worth more than they are. When I am buying goods and services I like to tell the cashier that they have infinite worth. I do this because I don’t want to harm them by using nasty money.

Allowing for a mechanism to use people’s forgiveness based inheritance as a portion of the fees on your network could be what saves your network from being riddled by high fees when it becomes more fully adopted in the world.

Forgiveness assets must be treated at face value. The recipient decides what percentage of a transaction he can accept in forgiveness-based money. We seek to start out with a small percentage and grow over time to a larger percentage of transactions.

I welcome questions or comments here or in my email at

May we all find the forgiveness we need as we create a market for the forgiveness of others.

I appreciate your effort in fully presenting this possible SNAC. I mean to have the content like you envision front and center when you enter into Secret Network will add value. First impression are real. Your experience and description about the current content is fair. It is good and sufficient but it might be missing that WOWO you describe in your outlines.

I would suggest going full Producer mode and make your mark within the early community with this content you would like to see created.

Anyway I can add value towards this production let me know. I would like to participate in any way I feel I can contribute.

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Thank you, I appreciate your feedback.

I have seen your meme artwork and how you articulate yourself in the price room. Would love to have your creative brain fully onboard for such a production.

Definitely something I agree on. Have you seen the telegram and discord bot we’ve been trying to build out? We would love to have members contributing to this project. We should definitely collect more common questions and the answers, and keep it updated. These answers can also be posted in a WIKI.

People have asked for an example of a SNAC, so here’s what I composed for SNAC1:

Wallet creation campaign


**Executive Summary**

Partner with Keplr or other wallet providers on a campaign to drive mass creation of SCRT wallet addresses. Incentivize users with an SCRT raffle.

**Strategic Goals**

New wallet creation (important for SCRT adoption)
Keplr installs (important for secret contract adoption)
Increase staking participation


Form submissions
Social statistics (likes / RTs)
New community members


9/30: Finalize form and blog post
9/30 or 10/1: Announce after Binance markets go live
10/9: Form closes

Shortly after: on-chain raffle (recorded?)

**Implementation Notes**

Create Airtable form for address submissions (collect email? Collect twitter?)
Create blog post about the campaign
- Keplr walkthrough
- Mention Binance
Announce on Twitter - get partners to amplify (wallets / nodes / community)
Double entries if you Like / RT the original post (prove it in your form submission)

**Resources Required**

5,000 SCRT (for prizes)
Foundation amplification / coordination (including blog / form)

Is this helpful for people?


Do you want suggestions in this thread to be posted in that format?

I would say that in the brainstorming process, you should raise here whatever you think would be a good suggestion for exploration and not worry about exact format, but we should have standalone threads on the forum for discussing individual SNACs that are posted in that format.

i.e. SNACs should be able to stand on their own as threads for discussion, but this is a good space for brainstorming (both on potential initiatives and good structures for submitting and reviewing SNACs)


Apologies if I misunderstand the tech or the ask of the brief. Likely both. But, for me, it sounds like you need to show people the problem before they can know you’re the solution. If the problem is privacy and how public our information is, expose that information. Disrupt.

I admit, I don’t know what info is available. But say it was possible to know who was doing what. You could set up an alt Twitter account that announces when crypto influencers make moves, or celebs like Paris Hilton or Logan Paul or someone more interesting. They realise they need Secret and spread the word. If you want eyeballs you need to disrupt. Maybe this is too negative, or unachievable. Trying to aim high.