Nym now supports smart contracts

“The Nym mixnet is a multi purpose mixnet that prevents traffic analysis by an adversary capable of watching the entire network, including the NSA.”

I have been watching the NYM network development progress for a couple of years now. I am happy to see the project adopting a Cosmos-based blockchain (NYX). NYM is a privacy focused project developing a top tier mixnet to facilitate private/anonymous network communications. Unlike Tor and I2P (which are volunteer networks), NYM provides a tokenomic model with financial incentives. NYX is based on CosmWasm and will enable smart contracts (for more detail see the link below).

For How NYM will differ from VPNs, dVPNs, Tor and I2p see:

NYM’s Coconut Credentials looks interesting:

So we will have yet another privacy focused entrant to the Cosmos ecosystem, which will be exciting!
I’m sure opportunities to interoperate NYM and the Secret Network will arise. IBC?

NYM website: