NUC-models for secret nodes

Hi everyone

For information I succeded to setup the 9 workers on the NUC8i3BEK model which supports SGX.

At first I struggled to install Ubunto 18.04 Live Server on a 1TB M.2 2280 (80mm) SSD NVMe that I put into the NUC. After trying another NVMe SSD I quickly came to the conclusion that these SSD’s don’t support Ubunto 18.04 Live Server.

I did find out that these SSD’s support Ubunto 18.10 Live Server, but as far as I’m informed the Ubunto 18.10 Live Server does not have the same garantee to work with SGX, and therefore I tried another solution.

Which was to install Ubunto 18.04 Live Server on a 2,5" HDD that I’ve put into a doc connected via USB to the NUC. It worked perfectly, but in the Boot Tab in BIOS I had to change from UEFI Boot to Legacy Boot to actually detect the HDD.

I did consider to buy the NUC8i3BEH instead which is a bigger model that can fit these 2,5" HDDs inside (it should support SGX as far as I can see). If anyone tried this model I would love to hear if you made it work.

Otherwise feel free to post any other NUC model that worked for you.


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cc @moonstash FYI- may be relevant to include in node guides.

Edit: also here’s another user’s experience: Nuc guide: stuck on bash

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