[NEWS] SEFI Governance is LIVE on Mainnet!

Hello all! Exciting news to share today :slight_smile:

On-Chain Private Voting for SecretSwap is now live on mainnet!

From the blog:

This application introduces on-chain governance for SecretSwap, a front-running resistant cross-chain and privacy-first AMM with over $275M in historical volume. SecretSwap is built on Secret Network, leveraging its encrypted “secret” smart contracts to ensure security and privacy. $SEFI is a governance token for Secret DeFi and SecretSwap, and it’s also a Secret Token native to Secret Network that provides privacy by default to its holders. Now $SEFI holders can directly participate in governance with encrypted voting for SEFI funding and text proposals!

:rotating_light:Please note that if you are currently staking $SEFI, you must migrate this liquidity to the new SEFI pool! :rotating_light: You won’t be at risk of losing any funds if you don’t migrate, but you must migrate in order to continue earning rewards and to be able to participate in SEFI governance.

Migration tool:

If you’d like to share the news with your communities or friends, please send the blog link or our Twitter post!

Happy swapping and governing :muscle:


Hey there! This is huge!!! Glad to be a part of secret network!! :sunglasses:

Mentioned a small issue trying to claim from the new pool - the gas estimation is wrong it predicts 500000 however this is not enough @assafmo @reuven

Hi @sacred, which pool exactly?

new SEFI STAKING - the one old sefi migrates to

This seems to be already fixed. Can you do a hard refresh and try again?

(Here’s the fix - Update fees for SEFI staking · stakeordie/EthereumBridgeFrontend@6043ec9 · GitHub)

Probably cache issue