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Show the math on your APY. I’m callin some BS.

Hey rangerranger, these calculations are based on if the rewards are compounded at a minimum of once a day over a year period. So with compound interest these figures are reached.

Now the rewards are reinvested anytime anyone deposits or withdraws from the pool for the entire pool. So compounding could and most likely will happen more than once a day!

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Compounding what? I saw you post somewhere you were compounding Secret Swap Yields?

That’s right. The yield optimizer contracts deposits into the secret swap earn contracts. So it compounds the earnt sefi tokens.

SEFI is already using APY so you’re yields are inflated.

Secret Swap doesn’t do any automatic compounding.

So for example, if a user deposits SEFI into an earn contract and doesn’t touch it for a year, compounding does not happen at all.

Also, our rate is based on a minimum of once per day compounding. Compounding occurs every time a user deposits or withdraws from the pool which is bound to be more than once a day. Our rates aren’t inflated, if anything they are under estimated on purpose.

Look up what APY means

Hi rangerrange, here is the formula and description for APY.

Now from my understanding of this formula, you can have different APY outcomes based on the amount of compounding. Secret swap does not compound for you. So their APY equals a number based on zero compounding.

Our yield optimizer figure, factors in compounding daily over a year period. Hence our APY figure is different and higher than Secret Swaps. Let me know what you think.

Secret Swap uses APY and assumes compounding. So you are compounding this figure again. Thats my main thing.

Oh… Well that’s something you have to bring up with them. Because I know their code inside and out and it doesn’t compound…

I’m with Ranger here. Secretswap does not compound, but it shows the % number as if it did. That’s why we are telling people to use this on secretswap numbers . So are you compounding the APYs shown on secretswap to get your APYs?

Hmmm interesting info and turn of events. I’ve put up the mechanism of how things are calculated and i’ve been provided by a few members just now, of how the APY is calculated on Secret Swap… I’m going to stick with providing how things works and people can decide on what they want to invest in.

First, thank you very much for offering these contracts. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Isn’t possible to include a “timeout” in the contract? Let’s say for example during some days no user deposits nor withdrawal, this would mean no compounding. :thinking:
I am sure you’re aware of BSC Beefy, and they seem to used a strategy like that (auto compound if no one interacts): GitHub - beefyfinance/beefy-contracts: Public repo for the community devs to advance the Beefy protocol. .

Also, the calculated APY (or APR) doesn’t seem to include the fees (neither in SecretSwap) but what would be nice. :man_teacher:

3rd, when auto-compounding LPs won’t the pool be ‘entering’ with a bad price sometimes? Or the contract waits for a more ‘appropriate’ price range ?

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Hey thanks Tanajura! Thanks for showing us some love. Definitely can do timeout in the contract. We could have a backround job to check a pools status every few hours and act accordingly.
Yeah BEEFi was cool but they take a deep cut when you join in to a pool so I wanted something simple where the user only pays a 5% fee on the yield and some gas. That way people can come in and out easily and people’s tokens would get compounded more.

Ahhhh yes, factoring in the 5%, we will factor that to the apy.

Your 3rd point when auto compoundin, we try to go the trade paths that are most liquid and avoid any pools that are less than $1 million in value to avoid big slipaages.

It’s early days so we’ve got a bit of time to let it sit there and see how people lke it and go from there.

Let us know if you have any suggestions and thought s.
We apprecate it and come to our discord

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