Minimum Character length Proposal Rule Change


SEFI is the pinnacle of private governance on blockchain. My proposal would be to enact a minimum character length for SEFI proposals. I don’t believe that high quality proposals can be enumerated in less than a few sentences. In an effort to reduce spam and prevent DDOS governance proposals, I recommend that the minimum character limit be set at 1000 (Roughly around 250-300 words). Proposals shorter than this limit should NOT be published. This doesn’t have to be a literary masterpiece. However, it’s impossible to understand the nuances of a proposal in a few words. Proposals are often ambiguous and require additional dissection. Instead of spending governance time trying to recreate the authors intention, we should spend the time debating whether or not the proposal is worthy of passing/failing.

By voting yes, you acknowledge that proposals should be well thought out and show some effort. You agree that that the standard should be set, so long the character limit is agreed upon. In the event that you disagree with the character limit, please drop feedback below. I plan to push this to governance sooner than later.

Thanks for your time,