Mid-Quarter Education Committee Breakdown

Projects Delivered (so far) During Funding Period of Feb 19 - May 31, 2022

Roughly halfway through our first funding period as Education Leads, we thought it might be helpful to step back and evaluate the progress that has been made so far.

If you’ve been on an Ed call recently, you may have heard us mention more than once how impressed we are with high-level contributors consistently stepping forward to create excellent content for the network. A huge thank you to every community member who has contributed.

*Access to all source files are available → Completed Projects (March '22 - May '22) - Google Drive *

*Medium articles can be found @secretnetwork. All the content we have generated and pushed on Twitter is @ProfessorSCRT. *

The stats captured here are accurate as of April 12, and, of course, we anticipate even more engagement and growth in the remaining weeks of this quarter.


*** Built Twitter followers from 80 to 689 (as of Apr 12)**
*** Built Medium followers from 160 to 593 (as of Apr 12).**
*** We projected 25 pieces of content during the 14 week period. Halfway through, we have published 37.**

  • SN use case infographics
  • Smart contract vs secret contract comparison - infographic
  • Infographic - buying SCRT via Osmosis
  • Infographic on secret gaming differentiation
  • Article on secret gaming differentiation (Medium)
  • Updated private computation comparison graphic
  • Update Bridge tutorial articles for IBC, XMR, BSC, and ETH (4)
  • Live Community AMAs and YouTube videos (8, as of Apr 11)
  • Video (5min) - Why Privacy is Essential for Web3
  • How Transactions Really Work - article
  • Anti-Scam and Security Best Practices (Medium)
  • Secret Airdrops (Medium)
  • SecretSwap Tutorial (Medium)
  • Ecosystem infographic
  • SN Agent Exams (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) (3)
  • How Secret is Secret? (Medium, pub date wk of Apr 11)
  • Secret Use Cases (Medium, pub date wk of Apr 11)
  • SiennaSwap (Medium, pub date wk of Apr 11)
  • Button Swap (Medium, pub date wk of Apr 11)
  • Private Finance infographic
  • Buy SCRT on osmosis official guide

More than a dozen other projects are actively being executed by our community contributors and we look forward to publishing these in the coming weeks as well. To follow along with the Education Committee’s weekly progress reports → Education Committee: Progress Reports - Google Slides

Excited to keep delivering quality educational content for Secret,

Ertemann and Sean

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Agent of the Round Table Youtube channel Stats:

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Love what you guys are doing. The top-line growth is great. However, I’d like to further understand user engagement with the content so far.

For instance, it looks like several of the twitter posts get brigaded. Would you be able to publish the medium analytics, particularly the ‘Read Ratio’ metric for each of the articles produced so far? I think this could help to understand the non-brigaded traction.

My other question relates to the YouTube channel. It seems to be in a similar format as Secret Code Podcast (i.e., long-form discussions). My experience suggests that shorter videos with higher information density are more engaging for viewers. What has your average percentage viewed metric looked like for videos over time?

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Wow guys it really looks impressive when you see it all written in one place. Hats off to the Education committee leads & all of the contributors, you guys are smashing it!

Pleasure to work with you all :heart:

  1. Twitter engagement:

Some posts have indeed been used as missions. Reasoning for this includes: Getting an initial follower count, Spreading the Content of the article linked, filler content when no SF announcements are happening and the Spread of infographics and guides. I agree with you that engagement on the Medium content is important and Seanp and I will look into getting those stats to you.

The end goal of most of the medium content (and any content for that matter) is to include it the Website over several different educational/tutorial type pages. The website makes it easier to publish overviews of a topic and also allows for SEO. So eventhough a lot of content lives on the medium, it wont be there forever. We are working closely with the Website team from SF/Design to achieve this.

  1. Agent of the Round Table AMA

Yes the Youtube channel is similar content, biggest diffierences are: Live recordings (monday 2pm EST in the discord) created on a weekly schedule with varying guests and also varying hosts. The Uploads are done by 1 active agent and the coordination/main hosting done by 2 other agents. Seanp and i help to make sure there is a live AMA every week etc. The youtube channel is now live for 4 weeks, i will make sure to include this metric you are talking about to see what it has been over the first few months.

This session really is about the live AMA, the youtube upload is a side benefit. The live AMA also includes a lot of casual talking after it which have been very valuable imo. of the so far 15 AMAs 3 had more than 100 people attending live and most had over 50. Recently it has been a bit more quiet. So conclusion, these AMAs are included but also separate to the main goal of the education committee.

The education committee is working closely with Jeremy and Jay from the foundation to provide content for the upcoming youtube channel rebrand. We have 2 awesome creators making new videos and Eric was so kind to let the SF rebrand 2 of his videos. So, shorter videos are coming. This will be not only guides and tutorials but also news flashes, recaps of use cases and privacy etc.

  • Hope this helps understand our goals and the meaning of these metrics. Most important to us is the amount and quality of pieces we release so that the info is there for people to find. The content pieces can be but dont have to be huge marketing efforts In my opinion.

Sounds like you know a thing or two about your Medium stats! Here is some of the recent analytics…

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Please to collaborate with you :slight_smile: