Let's Reinstate cashback proposal


The purpose of this proposal is to reinstate the cashback feature to what it was previously.

What is cashback used for?

It provides rewards in the form of SEFI for trades that occur within Secret Swap.

Why is it important?

If we want to become a larger DEX, we NEED to focus on the Secret Swap Retention Rate. The longer crypto enthusiasts are on the platform, the more liquidity we’ll bring, the more we’ll need to innovate, and SEFI/SCRT will be positively affected.

What about Cashback dumpers?

There is always a chance that most traders won’t value holding SEFI and will dump. Let’s think longterm! Who cares? Supply is fixed at 1 billion (Now ~995 million). The correct hands will eventually pick up that sold SEFI. Burn is happening as we speak. This seems like a no brainer.

There’s a reason why people love shopping at Costco. The free samples that they hand out get people in the store. As a result, more money is spent.

Cashback is our free sample. Who knows? We may attract more SEFI apes in the future just through asset exposure.

Thanks for your time.