Issues claiming my SeFi Tokens

Hey guys, I hope someone can help me out as I’ve had some issues claiming my SeFi Tokens I got in the Airdrop. I’ve been staking my $SCRT since November and would love to be able to add my SeFi in the LPs.

So I was able to log into my Keplr as usual and could see the amount of SeFi Tokens I got in the Airdrop in

When I tried to claim my Tokens yesterday I kept getting an error message. As this didn’t work out after a few tries I decided to give up and try again a day later. When I logged in today and tried again, my Tokens show as ‘Already claimed’ in Secretswap.

The issue is I can’t locate the Tokens. I didn’t write down a viewing key when I tried to claim them and can’t figure out how to find them now.

Could someone help me out? I have the Keplr wallet and have synced it with Secretswap. I can see the amount of Tokens I was given and apparently have already claimed.



You just need to create a viewing key for SEFI. Go on Keplr → Add Token → Paste SEFI contract address and create key

Ah, too easy :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help, much appreciated! Found my Tokens and all Staked in LPs now.

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