International Agent Program / International Growth Committee v.2

Authors: Dalton Tanner, Jeremy Schipper

Entity: Secure Secrets

V2 Proposal Date: 05/14/2021

International Agent Program & International Growth Committee

To date, Secret Network has lacked organized global channels and focused growth strategies for various language communities and countries. We have created a comprehensive plan of action to pursue such channels of growth. The key to sustainably solving this problem involves the creation of the International Growth Committee (I.G.C.) and the International Agent Program (I.A.P.). Both we (Dalton Tanner & Jeremy Schipper), and Secure Secrets are happy to advise and provide human resources, documentation, leadership, and time to grow the scope of this committee/program and its impact to a truly global scale.

The purpose of the International Growth Committee is to create and grow the international community of Secret Network, through the International Agent Program.

The Goals of the International Agent Program are:

  1. Creation and management of as many Secret Network language communities as possible, in an effective manner, using platforms like

  2. Telegram

  3. Discord

  4. Twitter

  5. Facebook

  6. Reddit

  7. WeChat

  8. Assisting with the promotion of Secret Network on a global scale via translations and community events held globally

  9. Management of International Agents via incentives and KPIs to maximize Secret Network reach and adoption

  10. Growing the influence and size of Secret Network globally

  11. Fostering of collaboration, creation, and promotion between international Secret Network communities

The I.G.C. will seek confluence and collaboration with all other committees and will integrate workflows, data, resources, ideas, and talent whenever needed to maximize the growth of the Secret Network. This committee will benefit from the pre-existing existence and onboarding of Secret Agents. The I.G.C. will work with the Awareness and Education committees to properly implement the I.A.P. opportunities for new Secret Agents. We believe the IAP is another way for Secret Agents to get more specifically involved with the Secret Network ecosystem - particularly as it pertains to fostering and growing Secret Network globally.

We are prepared to launch the I.G.C. and I.A.P. with a 3-month sprint with clear objectives in mind.

The launch includes:

(1) growing 15-20 different international language communities, (2) generating and managing 25+ Agents, (3) creating consistent translations for key Secret Network documents, (4) creating a list of quality translators, (5) and KPI tracking. The IGC/IAP in total requires a budget of 5,800 scrt per month to create and run both the committee and the program. The IAP will have a preliminary phase of 3 months, from June 1, 2021, to September 1, 2021.

  1. Global Agent Sign-up Form

  2. Global Agent Guidelines

  3. Global Agent Role Descriptions

  4. Global Agent Ethos

  5. Global Community Graphic Templates

  6. Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Tracker

  7. I.A.P. Committee Leads

  8. Global Agent Coordinators

  9. Global Agents

  10. List of Translators

  11. Translation Resources

  12. Global Agent Access Management Tracking

  13. Onboarding Tracker

  14. Monthly Growth Reports

  15. Global Agent of the Month

  16. Global Agent Audit Spreadsheet

  17. Fund Distribution

  18. Program Feedback Form

  19. Global Agent Meetings Template

  20. Performance Review

Immediate Impact

  • Creation of the International Growth Committee Discord Channel
  • Creation of the International Growth Committee Charter
  • Creation of Secret Network Twitter Accounts for the respective language & countries
  • Create a new section in discord called “Find your language community”
  • General chats for each language/country groups in discord, managed by the Agents
  • Coordinate on updating the “Get-Started” or “Overview” page in discord to reference the different language communities
  • Blog post outlining the program
  • Promotion of Secret Agent application
  • Partnering with education & awareness committee
  • “Meet the Team” posts
  • IAP Official Forum Thread

Program Structure

Roles & Responsibilities

Committee Leads:

  • Manage and run the International Growth Committee/International Agent Program
  • Oversee the Global Agent Coordinators and Global Agents
  • Execute the onboarding process for the Global Agent Coordinators and Global Agents
  • Track KPIs of Global Agent Coordinators monthly
  • Administrate for all language channels (Twitter, Telegram, Discord, etc.)
  • Provide marketing material and content for Global Agent Coordinators
  • Lead regular meetings with Global Agent Coordinators
  • Access management controls for various channels
  • Translation & discretionary spending oversight
  • Community collaboration and communication

Global Agent Coordinators:

  • Oversee designated Global Agents
  • Track KPIs for Global Agents monthly
  • Assist in Global Agent acquisition/onboarding process
  • Administrate for specified Secret Network language(s) channels (Twitter, Telegram, Discord, etc.)
  • Provide community content/marketing material to Global Agents
  • Attend meetings with Program Managers
  • Post community content daily in all designated language channels
  • Maintain active communication in chats by answering questions and providing resources for community members
  • Translate messages and provided community content

Global Agents:

  • Post content daily/weekly in all designated language channels
  • Maintain active communication in chats by answering questions and providing resources for community members
  • Translate messages and provided community content

In addition to the responsibilities discussed above, Global Agents will be incentivized to complete translations of key Secret Network documents into their respective languages. The committee will curate a list of quality translators that have a proven track record of excellence.

The committee leads have already vetted, interviewed, and prototyped this program with three amazing Agents: Xavier Harnais, Vaanshi Vachhar, and Glenn Berdan. There will be goals for an additional 27+ Agents, with room for future growth of the program beyond this number. Leading this initiative will be the committee leads, who oversee Global Agents and Global Agent Coordinators.

Meet The Team

Xavier Harnais: French Agent

Xavier Harnais is an experienced individual when it comes to community relations. With a bachelor’s degree in business marketing, he has extensive knowledge of commercial communications. Xavier is a blockchain enthusiast, focused on implementing privacy in all facets of life.

Glenn Berdan: Filipino Agent

Glenn Berdan has project management experience and will be a great addition to the Agent program. With his CPA certification, Glenn understands the financial implications of what Secret Network can bring to the DEFI space.

Vaanshi Vaachar: Hindi/Punjabi Agent

Vaanshi Vaachar is experienced in customer relations and client acquisition. With cryptocurrency gaining popularity in India, she is excited to learn more about how Secret Network can apply itself and implement privacy throughout the DEFI space.

Dalton Tanner: I.G.C. Lead

Dalton Tanner has community relations management experience in the Secret Network ecosystem - managing social channels for Secure Secrets. Dalton has worked with UCare and State Farm with a focus on marketing. Recently, Dalton has identified the need for leadership for the global Secret Network community. He is excited to lead this program and help grow the larger ecosystem to its fullest potential.

Jeremy Schipper: I.G.C. Lead

Jeremy Schipper is a financial specialist with Robert Half and has worked in a variety of finance and other business-based roles during his time there. Jeremy has been interested in blockchain, and more specifically, Secret Network, for nine months and is very excited to see if he can help it grow to impact the financial industry.

Austin Woetzel: Data Analytics / Integration Support

Austin Woetzel is a senior process engineer with 6 years of experience at Minco Products. With a degree in physics, his experience with open-source software and UX is relatively recent. He has helped create the staking ROI calculator as well as the validator ROI calculator that has been used 1,000s of times by various community members. He also created the website from scratch. Contributor to the main Secret Network website.

Global Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The KPIs for Committee Leads of the International Agent Program will be as follows:

  • Growth of channels (primary)
  • Number of Global Agent Coordinators
  • Number of Global Agents
  • Number of channels
  • Number of translated articles

There will be a monthly International Agent Program KPI report that will be posted on the following days during the preliminary period: July 5, August 5, and September 5. Finally, there will be a global summary report posted on September 15 reflecting on the program. Below is an example of what will be included in the Agent Activity KPIs, which will be used to compile the International Agent Program KPI report.

International Agent Program Milestones

Starting June 1, there will be a 6-week window to fill 15+ global agent positions. There will be interviews, vetting, onboarding, KPI tracking, and meetings during this time frame. The following 6-week window will be from June 15 - August 1 where 6+ global coordinator positions will be filled. From August 1 - September 1, there will be an examination of KPIs, resulting in promotions and potential relieving of duties if role responsibilities are not met. Alongside this, we will kick off a global growth campaign for Secret Network from August 1 - September 1 that will feature virtual meetups, potential prizes, awareness committee collaboration, and network-wide promotion of channels. During this final month, the global agent coordinators and the committee leads will formulate a KPI summary of the last three months, and generate improvement areas for the program going forward.


The compensation structure of the I.A.P. is to give out micro-grants to Global Agent Coordinators and Global Agents in return for their efforts to grow and maintain Secret Network channels of all of the various international communities. Global Agents play key roles in growing the Network and we want to recognize their efforts. There is room for additional proposals for more focused language-related projects that Global Agents will be able to lead and receive additional compensation for.

The I.A.P. is asking for 3,850 scrt per month and the I.G.C. 1,900 scrt per month for a total of 5,800 scrt per month. The cost basis for the International Agent Program was based on a rolling-price average from January till the end of April for SCRT. Additionally, two pricing scenarios are used as well for comparison.

*As of 4/29/21

Current Price $2.770
Cost Basis $2.750
Price Increase $4.000
Price Decrease $2.000
Role # of Agents SCRT Monthly Per Hours (Monthly) Current Hourly Basis Hourly $2 Price $4 Price
Global Agent Coordinator 8 175 20 $24.23 $24.06 $17.50 $35
Global Agent 25 75 10 $20.77 $20.62 $15 $30

Global Agent Coordinators: 1,400 scrt

With the expectations of 6 - 8 Global Agent Coordinators working approx. 20 hours a month and with the added responsibilities and duties of the role, the level of appropriate compensation will be approx. 175 scrt per month for each Global Agent Coordinator.

These amounts are subject to change based on the Global Agent Coordinator’s responsibilities, actionables, and roles.

Global Agents: 1,875 scrt

With the expectations of 25 Global Agents working approx. 10 hours a month, the level of appropriate compensation will be approx. 75 scrt per month for each Global Agent.

I.A.P. Committee Leads: 2 X 700 scrt

With the expectation of Jeremy Schipper and Dalton Tanner being co-leads of this committee; it is believed that the appropriate level of compensation will be 1,400 scrt a month, split evenly between the co-leads.

Secure Secrets: 500 scrt

Secure Secrets will be advising this initiative along with providing data analytics, google suite IAP integration, telegram bots for language communities, and support across the community of global agents. Additionally, Secure Secrets contributed to the initial creation of resources, documents, and architecture of the program. In this, we believe the appropriate level of compensation for providing these resources is 500 scrt / month. Additionally, Secure Secrets will serve as the initial reputable escrow for this proposal.

These amounts are subject to change based on the Global Agent’s responsibilities, actionables, and roles. This already includes the Global Agent Xavier Harnais for French-speaking countries, Vaanshi Vaachar for India, and Glenn Berdan for the Philippines.

On the assumption of a Cost Basis of $2.75/scrt (based on average price between January 2020 - April 2021), the hourly rates of the agent will be broken down as follows.

Global Agent Coordinator: per hour rate: $24.23 | Global Agent: per hour rate: $20.77

The International Growth Committee

We (Dalton Tanner & Jeremy Schipper) have both coordinated the creation of this committee, the program, the documents, as well as the larger vision for what can be accomplished. We ask for the formation of the committee and to be designated as leads for it. The goal of the committee is to see the creation and growth of different language channels quickly over the coming months, and during that time to make the Secret Network more connected to non-english speaking peoples. The KPIs for the committee will be those listed before in the Program, and its performance in the coming months.

  • Dalton Tanner - International Growth Committee Lead
  • Jeremy Schipper - International Growth Committee Lead


The role of Secure Secrets in this Program is not as the employer of any of the Global Agent Coordinators or Global Agents for the purposes of the International Agent Program. Secure Secrets serves as a support to the committee and is a participant in the Program and its goals.


Now that committee funding is moving over to the pool slowly, and now that the branding has switched to agent instead of ambassador, I’m looking forward to seeing how this goes. :heart:


I was not a huge fan of this in the first place but all things considered its worth the try IMO.


I like this proposal. I think it’s a good attempt at growth. In the interest of transparency and decentralization, I will support this proposal so long as the secret being collected for the proposal is held in a multisig smart contract 3/5.

I’m going to vote yes on this proposal with my eye on tangible growth. I’d like to add this proposal is very well laid out and a good example for future props to follow.

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