Inflation rate in Secret token and chart?


So I have recently begun looking into the Secret token. And I wonder how the inflation rate is calculated? Is there a limit supply written into the system, like in Bitcoin somewhow, or how does that work?

Also, the long term charts are for Enigma and not for Secret token. But I guess the charts for Enigma can be used for Secret token just as well, right? Because they are the same token?

Could anyone explain this to me?

Tokenomics are different than Enigma, and the project is different too. :slight_smile:

The best place to start with the Tokenomics is here: Secret Network Tokenomics and Ecosystem Pool - Secret Network

Largely, inflation is fixed, and may be decreased in the future by validator consensus.


Is it possible to see a long term chart of the whole project somewhere? I thought Enigma was the same thing as Secret Token. Which made me think the long term-chart of the tokens were the same. Since outstanding Enigma was converted into Secret tokens. Were they not?

But what you say is that Enigma and Secret tokens are totally different, right?

There was a swap, but they are still two separate projects. Think of it like a fork. Secret is community run, we split off cause Enigma was kinda centralized and got in hot water. Anyone who wanted to come over could if they brought their funds. If they weren’t interested that’s fine too, although probably a bad choice in retrospect.

Hmm ok. Well I have followed it on a distance. Looking at the charts. So these days Enigma has no value at all or does it? Or does Enigma still have some value?

It would be cool to make a long term chart, showing how the price of enigma developed, and then combine that chart where the split happened., with the new token. Adjusted for market cap and stuff.

Since I like to look at charts it would be nice to have some long term levels and stuff to look at and so on.

Reason I ask is that I thought Enigma had an interesting long term chart. But now when looking at the Secret chart , it is too short term to really make any high probability judgements about it.

It’s about 10 cents on bittrex, so someone values it I suppose, but as far as I know it’s dead. I’d stay away, Secret is cooler anyways. :sunglasses:

Making such a chart would be complicated due to various issuances, inflationary mechanisms, swap ratios, and other reasons.

But if you’re talented at data analysis and can put the chart together it would be interesting.

Overall I think most people are judging the projects by the technical potential and developments, not chart trends, right now.

Yeah I suppose. But I look at the charts in many cases because they tell me that the fundamentals are right :slight_smile:

And Enigma had an interesting chart in my view :slight_smile:

Often the fundamentals are speaking through the chart I believe.

The charts actually look very similar up until about the 4th of january. Any idea why they decoupled at that particular time? :slight_smile:

That was around the final date for the ENG to SCRT swap that was available. Since the swap was a one-way 1:1, it was functionally a peg, assuming the prospects for SCRT were equal or greater than ENG.

Ah cool.

I guess I could probably use the new chart of SCRT from around the 4th of january and look at the enigma chart for the long term then. Don’t you agree? But ignore the price action of that chart after around the fourth of january.

That makes sense. Since secret is the real chart after that date.

I thought it was something really weird about that Enigma chart, after the fourth. It did not behave normally. But now with that missing piece of pairing the secret chart with that chart at around that date, the price action looks good again.