[IMPORTANT] SEFI Governance - Launching JULY 27th!

Hello to all! This is an important heads-up for the community regarding the long-awaited launch of SEFI on-chain governance.

SEFI governance (including UX) will at last go live on July 27th, 2021. There will also be a blog post released on that date with additional details, screenshots, etc. The exact go-live hour has not yet been determined.

This means a few things:

  1. Private On-Chain Voting! This is, as far as we know, the world’s first private voting application on a public blockchain - and it already governs an important and adopted application. All votes are private when cast. The aggregate results will be displayed at the end of the vote, together with the vote distribution (but not specific owners of votes). This has exciting implications for Secret DeFi governance as well as future DAO models.

  2. SEFI Staking Migration! The launch of governance will require a new pool for SEFI staking to be deployed (which will be the basis for voting power). This goes live on July 27th. On that date, rewards from the current SEFI staking pool will be moved to the new one - so make sure you are prepared to make changes! If you don’t move your staked SEFI you will be losing out on rewards (but you’ll never be locked out of your funds).

We would love to hear:

  • How would you suggest spreading the word about this launch? The awareness committee, Foundation, and other stakeholders will be working to inform external communities about the launch of privacy-preserving governance + SecretSwap opportunities more generally (including $SEFI + existing reward pools). Please reply with any communities or KOLs (key opinion leaders) we should reach out to, or reply if you have connections you’ll utilize to help get the word out.

  • What proposals you might be excited to make or see? There will be some initial proposals from the Enigma development team, but of course this launch in intended to bring in all the stakeholders from the Secret DeFi ecosystem and involve them in its growth. Please discuss as new topics in the SecretSwap forum or as a reply to this post.

Onward and upward, Secret Agents :rocket:


Exciting. Can’t wait.


Would love to see more SEFI LP pairs


Sound impressive, It will be nice to have a live launching party in twitch or discord :musical_note: :beers:
I suggest for no lost lottery with a weekly or monthly prizes. The prize could be an NFT of SEFI.


Community liquidity multi-treasury fund (all Tokens) to continuous expand TVL and growth the platform and passive income Rewards for Active Investors:

1-The protocol charge a minimum % of fee on all SecretSwap DEX utilities.

2- The protocol logic divide and use that fee to create a diversificate community liquidity treasury fund.

3-The protocol use the funds raised ( all diferent tokens ) to continually add liquidity to all of our LPs.

4-The fund agregated generate returns that we use to buy back SEFI in all the LPs sxxx/SEFI encouraging the pool and the growth of SEFI.

5-The purchased $SEFI is distributed among the $SEFI staked to strengthen the DAO and network SecretSwap utility and avoid dumps.

We are a descentraliced company organization, our enterprise!