IGC: Regional Hub ( Awareness + Education Committees)

IGC global agent program has expanded its reach from initial 3 agents covering 3 languages to 16 global agents and 2 International coordinators covering 17 strong communities.

Now that the global agent program has been established and well placed to a continuous growth trajectory, currently siting at 17 channels with total 4,289 member as of September, it is high time for the global agents to contribute more in the Secret Network community.

IGC will work on a regional hub to support both awareness and education committee programs and projects.

This will be executed by engaging the global agents to actively participate in:


  1. Daily missions
  2. Twitter, telegram and other social media campaigns
  3. May refer local influencers /channels for the awareness runbook.


  1. Content translation
  2. Participation in content creation in the Open Projects list.
  3. Sharing and posting of education contents

The two international coordinators will be the main point persons and will manage the regional hub and will represent the group in Awareness and Education committee coordination, status reports and meetings.

Hoping for your feedback about this. Thank you


Sorry for that, but the link seems to be currently down …