I.G.C. Funding Proposal & Updated Charter

International Growth Committee Funding Proposal

Purpose of International Growth Committee:

This proposal is for on-chain funding of the International Growth Committee through the period 01 September 2021 to 30 November 2021.

The International Growth Committee was created to grow awareness and adoption of the Secret Network in communities that are not English dominant. We work and collaborate with other committees to provide the best experience for those involved in Secret Network.

For our 1st I.G.C. proposal, please follow this link: International Agent Program / International Growth Committee v.2


Number of Agents:

  • 12 agents onboarded, 3 pending onboarding
    • Hindi/Urdu
    • Philippines
    • French
    • Singapore
    • Iran
    • Spanish
    • Kenya
    • Vietnamese
    • Dutch
    • Balkans
    • Nigeria
    • German
    • East Africa (pending)
    • Second Vietnamese (pending)
    • Indonesia (pending)

Coordinator Positions Filled:

  • 2 coordinators are being onboarded from current agents pending funding

Growth of Channels:

  • 957 members to 2400+ members in international communities

Number of Channels:

  • 11 new international community channels were created on Telegram

The number of Translated Articles/Content:

  • 10+ pieces of content; More currently in progress

Number of Partnerships:

  • Assisted in forming a new Chinese partnership with the Foundation (Kelvin - SNAC)
  • Polish partnership with Elevate to create and translate content and grow awareness in that language. Elevate will assist with PolkaDot and PlasmBridge awareness.
  • Currently developing a partnership with East African Agent to create university awareness groups, translate articles/content. (In progress)
  • Currently working on a partnership with a website owner in India with 500k+ visits a month to post Secret Network materials. (In progress)

KPI’s for this Funding Period:

  • Continue to track chat trends and analysis using “combot” and include analysis in monthly growth reports. * ”combot” is an analysis tool that can be used to track data like message rates, chat activities, member count, etc… in telegram channels*
  • Continue to provide monthly growth and analysis reports to provide visibility to community members and ourselves to be able to make decisions and progress accordingly.
  • Onboard and train 2 Global Coordinators
  • Onboard another 7+ agents
  • Expand the list of trusted community translators to assist in content translation
  • Grow 2 community channels to 1,000 + members
  • Partner with awareness and education committees to provide resources for the community

Budget Request:

The I.G.C. is asking for a total 3 month budget of 28,500 SCRT for the compensated leadership and roles/running of the program. We will also ask for a discretionary budget to help support any live events, projects, partnerships, or pieces of content that our international agents may want to create/participate in. To try and maintain as much consistency as possible in budget asks. Using SCRT, with a 90 day moving average price of $1.29 and a current price of $1.67 As of 8/24/2021

Compensated Roles:

Dalton | I.G.C Lead = 2,000 SCRT / Month | 10 - 15 hours / week

  • Current I.G.C. lead for 3.5 months
  • Professional background in Communications and Business Development

Jeremy | I.G.C Lead = 2,000 SCRT / Month | 10 - 15 hours / week

  • Current I.G.C. lead for 3.5 months
  • Professional background in Finance and Accounting

Agents | International Agents = 4,000 SCRT / month

Secure Secrets | Governing Entity = 500 SCRT / Month

As the entity functioning as the escrow account for the International Growth Committee, Secure Secrets manages payments and budgets for the International Growth Committee. Because of the role Secure Secrets play in the operations of the I.G.C, they are included in the compensated roles for this funding period.

Discretionary Budget = 1,000 SCRT / Month

The I.G.C. is requesting a discretionary budget of 1,000 SCRT / month to compensate international agents for any work they do outside of normal expectations. This includes but is not limited to - extra translations of content, youtube videos, voice-overs/CC’d videos and live events. This also includes any partnerships that we engage in.

Total Ask:

With the stated amounts above, the I.G.C. is asking for a 3 month total budget of 28,500 SCRT

As always, your constructive inputs and feedback on the above proposal are appreciated! Please feel free to leave comments on the forum post!


  • Dalts & Jeremy S. | International Growth Committee Leads

We would also like to include our updated charter in this post. Please find it below:

International Growth Committee (I.G.C) Charter

This Charter is for the On-Chain Funding Period of 1st Sept. 2021 - 30th Nov. 2021

Purpose of the I.G.C:

  • To promote and grow the international presence of Secret Network
    Continual Deliverables:
  • Monthly Growth Reports
  • Program Feedback Form
  • A Curated List of Community Translators
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Tracker
  • I.A.P. Committee Leads
  • Global Agent Coordinators
  • Global Agents

Roles & Responsibilities:

Committee Leads:

  • Oversee the Global Agents and Agent Program participants
  • Execute the onboarding process for the Global Agent position and the Global Agent
  • Track KPIs of Global Agents monthly
  • Administrate for all language channels (Twitter, Telegram, Discord, etc…)
  • Provide marketing material/content for Global Agents
  • Secure partnerships with agents or teams of international peoples to help grow
    Secret Network

Global Agent Coordinators:

  • Oversee designated Agents
  • Track KPIs for Agents monthly
  • Assist in Agents acquisition/onboarding process
  • Administrate for specified Secret Network language(s) (Twitter, Telegram, Discord,
  • Provide community content/marketing material to agents
  • Attend meetings with Program Managers
  • Post community content daily in all designated language channels
  • Are active in chats (helpful in answering questions or providing resources for
    community members)
  • Translate messages/community content provided

Global Agents:

  • Post content daily in all designated language channels
  • Are active in chats (helpful in answering questions or providing resources for
    community members)
  • Translate messages/community content provided


  • Courteous and respectful behavior in communication channels is a must.
  • Agents must share the core values that the program is founded upon.
  • Agents must have a willingness to connect with those in the community.
  • Agents are expected to relay information to the global agents on the condition of
    their language channel and activity.
  • Global Agents are expected to communicate with managers regarding agents,
    language channels, and the overall health of the program.
    Scope of Work:
  • Growth and development of international communities through the International
    Agent Program


  • There will be monthly growth and analytics reports written in regards to the
    performance of the international communities throughout Secret Network. These
    reports help the community visualize the success of the I.G.C and these reports also
    assist us as committee members in determining which communities are seeing
    success and which communities need our support.

Office Hours:

  • The I.G.C. has official office hours every Tuesday night from 5:30 pm - 6:15 pm CST
    (10:30 pm UTC). This is an open time when we invite any members of the community
    to come and chat with us, ask any questions they may have, and or provide
    suggestions as to what they would like to see regarding international growth in the

Your various channels have gained a large number of participants. However, engagement seems to be low. What are your plans for increasing engagement within these channels?

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Great plan, I’m very excited, it’s just 2 months now and the channels are active, maybe not in the way people think. Many people want information and when you share it they keep track of it instead of commenting on it. Many people in the Dutch chats are reading the posts that has been shared. Also people are excited when the price will go up and when we get big news!

Keep up the great work and I’m very positive on the way that the team is working with this.


It is a very interesting and effective program. It has been about two months since the Persian group started and many enthusiastic people and Persian-speaking investors have joined it And they can be fully informed of the announcements and all the news about the secret of the network in Persian.So far, the Persian group has found 800 members in just two months, which is due to the impact of this work, which has gathered so many members only among Persian speakers, and you can be sure that more.


@Dalton Really excited to see the progress! I think this will dovetail nicely with some of the incredible work being done on the Secret Agent program revamp and rearchitecting. We’ll be able to better connect new community members with ongoing missions and opportunities :slight_smile:


Sound promising … Any official website for this project :sunglasses: I.G.C


It is remarkble to see the Network’s efforts to connect not just all blockchains but also all users,potential users and communities around the globe through its I.G.C.

The growing support from the International communities that’s keep on expanding to new locations and languages every month reafffirms that the Network is on track for greater things. And it is just the beginning.

I am greatful to be part of it and excited to see and contribute in what is more to come. And i am sure, it would not be less than awesome!


Hi Elie!

So it is very dependent channel to channel. We know that we want an agent in every chat as soon as we can, so we hope this helps due to questions being answered/moderating/having translated content and such. We also encourage agents to do events when they can to increase how much people are interacting with one another, and so that they continue to grow the channels.


Keep up the great work! NodeVine will vote “Yes”.


Great work and the initiative to reach out to communities and build a following is not missed. This kind of thing hits at the heart of what it means to be active.

Persians whom speak Farsi.


You got my vote :slight_smile:
Looking forward to see the ambassador program expand the next 3 months :slight_smile:


An important and effective program


IGC is a great and powerful idea and needs to be getting funded continuously. I support the funding proposal


Thank you all for the support. We are on chain now!