I.G.C Funding Proposal (Dec 1, 2021 - Feb 28, 2022)

International Growth Committee Funding Proposal

Purpose of International Growth Committee:

This proposal is for on-chain funding of the International Growth Committee through the period 1st December 2021 to 28th February 2022.

The International Growth Committee was created to grow awareness and adoption of the Secret Network in communities that are not English dominant. We work and collaborate with other committees to provide the best experience for those involved in Secret Network.

For our 1st I.G.C. proposal, please follow this link: International Agent Program / International Growth Committee v.2


Number of Agents:

  • 22 active global agents/teams
    • GERMAN
    • FRENCH
    • Hindi/Urdu
    • ARABIC
    • POLISH
    • DUTCH
    • IRAN

Coordinator Positions Filled:

Glenn B: Glenn is currently working on helping us integrate the IGC into the Secret agent program by creating daily/weekly “International Missions” that help our agents learn about the Secret Agent program and teach their communities how to participate. We are also assisting in promoting all projects and network upgrades in Secret Network through daily/weekly missions.

Wesley J: Wesley has been building our very own website for the IGC, you can find it here: https://www.igc-secretnetwork.com/ Wesley has also been assisting us in building an archive on the website to better showcase translated material! He also assists leads on agent management and onboarding.

While both Glenn and Wesley have been working on slightly different objectives; they have both been playing an integral role in the IGC and we are very proud of the work that they have accomplished!

Growth of Channels:

  • As of October 2021, we have surpassed 7,000+ members in international communities!

Number of Channels:

  • 24 Telegram Channels
  • 2 Wechat Channels
  • 4 new international community channels were created on Telegram
  • Finnish (pending)

Number of Translated Articles/Content:

  • 15+ pieces of content (In progress)

KPI’s for this Funding Period:

  • Continue to track chat trends and analysis using “combot” and include analysis in monthly growth reports. * ”combot” is an analysis tool that can be used to track data like message rates, chat activities, member count, etc… in telegram channels.*
  • Continue to provide monthly growth and analysis reports to provide visibility to community members and ourselves to be able to make decisions and progress accordingly.
  • Partner with awareness and education committees to provide resources for the community (in progress)
  • Completely build out an “International Agent Missions” system to promote Secret Network internationally.
  • Acquire exchange listing in Indonesia (in progress)
  • Acquire international exchange listings in conjunction with needed committees and Secret Foundation (in progress)
  • Continue to build and structure the website for the I.G.C. (in progress)
  • Fully build and complete an archive of translated documents and content on the I.G.C. website (in progress)

Completed KPI’s from August 2021 - November 2021

  • Onboard and train 2 Global Coordinators
  • Onboard another 7+ agents
  • Grow 2 community channels to 1,000 + members
  • Developed a partnership with a website owner in India with 500k+ visits a month to post Secret Network materials. https://www.techquila.co.in/
  • Developed a partnership with an East African Agent to create university awareness groups, translate articles/content.
  • Polish partnership with Elevate to create and translate content and grow awareness in that language. Elevate will assist with PolkaDot and PlasmBridge awareness.
  • Assisted in forming a new Chinese partnership with the Foundation (completed)

Budget Request:

The I.G.C. is asking for a total 3 month budget of 20,400 SCRT ($143,004) for the compensated leadership and roles/running of the program. We will also ask for a discretionary budget to help support any live events, projects, partnerships, or pieces of content that our international agents may want to create/participate in. (Calculations taken at price $7.01 as of 11/18/2021

Compensated Roles:

Dalton | I.G.C Lead = $5,432.75 / Month | 90 hrs / month

  • Current I.G.C. lead for 6 months
  • Professional background in Communications & Business Development

Jeremy | I.G.C Lead = $5,432.75 / Month | 90 hrs / month

  • Current I.G.C. lead for 6 months
  • Professional background in Finance & Accounting

Glenn | Global Coordinator = $2,453.5 / Month | 40 hrs / month

Wesley | Global Coordinator = $2,453.5 / Month | 40 hrs / month

Agents | International Agents = $24,535.50 / Month

I.G.C | Discretionary Budget = $5,608 / Month

Secure Secrets | Governing Entity = $1,752.50 / Month

As the entity functioning as the escrow account for the International Growth Committee, Secure Secrets manages payments and budgets for the International Growth Committee. Because of the role Secure Secrets play in the operations of the I.G.C, they are included in the compensated roles for this funding period.

The I.G.C. is requesting a discretionary budget to compensate international agents for any work they do outside of normal expectations. This includes but is not limited to - extra translations of content, youtube videos, voice-overs/CC’d videos, and live events. This also includes any partnerships that we engage in.

I.G.C Budget Distribution:

Total Ask:

With the stated amounts above, the I.G.C. is asking for a 3 month total budget of 20,400 SCRT, which at the current price is $143,004.00

As always, your constructive inputs and feedback on the above proposal are appreciated! Please feel free to leave comments on the forum post!


  • Dalts & Jeremy S. | International Growth Committee Leads

Hello all. Appreciate Feedback/ideas. We have made good progress these last months. Apologies if we missed any new governance/proposal expectations. Best wishes.


This is a proposal that strongly pushes Secret Network at international level especially non-English speaking countries and it is yielding result. I’ll continue to vote yes for the IGC proposal


I’m glad to be part of the team and support this proposal.


Kindly proud of this group. The proposal will be great asset and gave excelent support of what Secret Network currently building. Support all the wat, $SCRT fam is great


Amazing proposal , we had a good progress in this and I’m so happy to have it.


Support this proposal. Keep up the good work guys!


Great work guys ! Since I started here I see a major movement in growth and professional work. The team is stronger than ever before and soon this will be one of the major keys growing the whole secret network and also becoming a piece in the secret network that can’t be missed.


I’m loving the growth in the International community. Touching regional communities in their own native languages create more engagements, interests and regional collaborations. The IGC intend to capitalize on that, and to broaden the reach of the Networks information drive and adoption.


10,000 SCRT … How many hearts does this comment amount receive for the forum button lurkers.

I’m cool with any amount as we begin to begin the ecosystem but at what point do we start putting value on the SCRT being dished while it is massively undervalued .

Are these SCRT being sold to pay for daily living expenses? At an average $60 USD an hour I’m assuming the majority is being saved.


Hi there! Thank you for the question. Can you please clarify what exactly it is you’re asking so we can try to answer as best we can.


wow, this is really Huge


You guys have done a wonderful job! Keep it up. Easy yes from the Secret Code Podcast Node.


Is there a possibility of getting a little discount on the SCRT for the NEXT proposal?

People who are at the beginning usually take a little less for the greater good later on.

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As in price the SCRT at a higher rate so that it keeps funds in the pool? It hasn’t been discussed in governance at all so I have no idea. That would be up to the proposal norms being setup!

The IGC has consistently been one of the lower paid committees, while supporting the most paid roles, and arguably having the most measurable success. While your argument has merit, I don’t personally agree that this is the committee with which to field it. I think that all of their proposals have been at a discount for the community.


Just a note that for on-chain we are adding the 10% volatility buffer per governance.

Yeah $60 an hour for 90 hours of work in a month? Idk, seems excessive. SCRT network seems to be pretty frivolous with coins in my opinion. And I imagine these coins are being sold to pay these people, not held and saved but I could be mistaken. I’m all for spreading awareness but this is a lot of money to be throwing around without any clear idea of how it’s being used and what impact it’s making. Just my 2 cents…


Secret Grants are like government jobs in 3rd world countries. Plus it is priced in SCRT.

I’ve generally agreed with a lot of what you’ve said but surely this is a bit far?

You can’t price pay to contributors based on where they live if they’re doing the exact same thing. If a person from Nigeria works to double the size of the community, the same as someone from Spain (assuming both have the same size) - why should the Spanish person be paid more?