I.G.C Committee Proposal March 1st - May 31st

International Growth Committee Funding Proposal

This proposal is for on-chain funding of the International Growth Committee through the period 1st March 2022 to May 31st 2022.

Purpose of International Growth Committee:

The International Growth Committee was created to grow awareness and adoption of the Secret Network in communities that are not English dominant. We work and collaborate with other committees to provide the best experience for those involved in Secret Network.

For our other I.G.C. proposals and charter, please follow these links:


Number of Agents:

  • 24 active global agents/teams
    • GERMAN
    • FRENCH
    • Hindi/Urdu
    • ARABIC
    • POLISH
    • DUTCH
    • IRAN
    • KOREAN

Growth of the I.G.C.:

  • As of January 2022, we currently have over 10,000 members in Secret Network International growth channels on Telegram! This is an amazing accomplishment. Looking back on the I.G.C when it was first created, there were only 957 members in existing international chats. We have been shown so much support and we are hopeful that we will be able to continue to positively impact the Secret Network! With the creation of the new discord channels there are an additional 1547 members on there that we support! (Note - February numbers not added as month is not finished)

Number of Channels:

  • 25 Telegram Channels
  • 2 Wechat Channels
  • Nigeria and Uganda were changed to West-Africa and East-Africa respectively to cover larger regions
  • 6 Discord Language channels

Number of Translated Articles/Content:

New IGC Lead:

  • As of this new funding period, Wesley will be moving from an IGC coordinator position to being the IGC co-lead! His help has been instrumental these past months and he is excited to help more in those coming. Wesley has helped lead the Dutch chats for Secret Network for the past 9 months and has helped lead the IGC as a coordinator for 5 months. He has helped with the creation of the IGC website, finding new agents, building out the repository of translated materials referenced, and much more!
  • Dalts has loved his time with IGC and this coming period will be considered an “advisor” to assist with IGC initiatives and reports that we do. Specifically he will be helping with the tracking of IGC growth and creation of our growth reports, content creation for the IGC, and assisting Wesley in his new role as a lead!

KPI’s for this Funding Period:

  • Continue to track chat trends and analysis using “combot” and include analysis in monthly growth reports. * ”combot” is an analysis tool that can be used to track data like message rates, chat activities, member count, etc… in telegram channels.*
  • Continue to provide monthly growth and analysis reports to provide visibility to community members and ourselves to be able to make decisions and progress accordingly.
  • Partner with awareness and education committees to provide resources for the community with new website and translation repository (in progress)
  • Integrate IGC missions with Secret Agent missions and increase Secret Agent participation in international communities (in progress)
  • Acquire exchange listing in Indonesia (awaiting final approval)
  • Continue to build and structure the website for the I.G.C., and integrate with the new Secret Agent website and system in general (in progress)
  • Expand support of the IGC to discord and chats not yet managed (in progress)
  • Begin bounty system on translation tracker, funding from IGC and expanding from Dapps/teams on secret networks who want to translate their content (in progress)

Completed KPI’s for this Funding Period:

  • Onboarded another 2+ agents
  • Grew 3 community channels to 1,100 + members
  • Developed a partnership with an Arabic group focused on crypto investment and management.
  • Finalized Public Translation Tracker for general use
  • Expanded translated material repository for Secret Network
  • Built out an “International Agent Missions” system to promote Secret Network internationally with focused missions of IGC agents.
  • Assisted with the creation and moderation of new discord international channels

Budget Request:

The I.G.C. is asking for a total 3 month budget of $136,950 for covering partnerships, lead roles, discretionary budget costs, IGC agents costs, etc, alongside a 10% volatility buffer for a total ask of $150,645 (22,859.64 SCRT).

(Calculations taken at price $6.59 as of 2/15/2022 this will adjust to the moment it goes on chain)

Compensated Roles:

Wesley | I.G.C Lead = $6,250 / Month | 170 hrs / month

  • Current I.G.C. Coordinator for 5 months
  • Will be working full time on the IGC
  • Professional background in Communications & Sales

Jeremy S. | I.G.C Lead = $4,750 / Month | 90 hrs / month

  • Current I.G.C. lead for 9 months
  • Professional background in Finance & Accounting

Glenn | Global Coordinator = $1,400 / Month | 40 hrs / month

Dalton| IGC Advisor = $750 / Month

  • I.G.C. lead for 9 months

Responsible for:

  • Monthly tracking of I.G.C metrics & KPI’s
  • I.G.C Content creation (voice overs, media, etc…)
  • Monthly, 3 Month & Yearly growth reports
  • Assist in onboarding process for Wesley
  • Channel maintenance

Agents | International Agents = $25,000 / Month

I.G.C | Discretionary Budget = $6,000 / Month

Secure Secrets | Governing Entity = $1,500 / Month

Volatitlity Buffer = $4,565 / Month (10% per governance)

As the entity functioning as the escrow account for the International Growth Committee, Secure Secrets manages payments and budgets for the International Growth Committee. Because of the role Secure Secrets play in the operations of the I.G.C, they are included in the compensated roles for this funding period.

The I.G.C. is requesting a discretionary budget to compensate international agents for any work they do outside of normal expectations. This includes but is not limited to - extra translations of content, youtube videos, voice-overs/CC’d videos, and live events. This also includes any partnerships that we engage in and other expenses

I.G.C Budget Distribution:

As always, your constructive inputs and feedback on the above proposal are appreciated! Please feel free to leave comments on the forum post!


  • Wesley J. & Jeremy S. | International Growth Committee Leads

Happy to answer people’s questions and such!


Amazing , we had a good progress in this for Persian community and I’m so happy to have it again to improve more and more IGC!


IGC is pivotal to the growth of Secret Agent Program and Awareness Committee. Powerful stats. Excited for this continuous journey.


Impressive progress. IGC indeed has come a long way. More power!


I’m all in with the Portuguese community! Just the beginning


Easy yes as always. You guys continue to do incredible work <3


It’s a big yes from me. These metrics are ridiculous & I can attest that we have seen a huge growth in our international Agents since the start of the year. Those new Agents are really excited to get stuck into IGC projects & bring more value to the network.

On that note - love the work you guys have done with the translation repository last Q! We demoed it on the weekly Agents Comms Check last week & it got such great feedback, we will do it again on Monday Awareness call!

Thanks all & congratulations Wesley! :smiley:


Good job, guys.
I’ll keep contributing to IGC until retiring. :rofl:


Thanks for the breakdown! The past funding period again showed a lot of progress so i am happy to see you guys expand the efforts.

I do however have a question regarding the budget for the Global agents and the volatility buffer.

I can imagine the Agent budget is being dispersed amongst the 24 global agents in an equal manner so that they receive ~1000 $ a month as compensation for their efforts? Do these agents have any specific time/work requirements ? I Expect moderating an active channel like the Russian for example may take more than ~1000/40 = 25 hours a month to moderate while an inactive channel like the Dutch one maybe takes 1 hour a week. So, is there any clarification on which channels need the most funding and how many hours of work these Global agents put in? it would be a shame if they are heavily under or overpaid.

And for the volatility buffer. I thought the current committee charter allows the committee go back on the chain if the price of SCRT reduces more than 10% in the voting period. The volatility buffer is therefore not used anymore as far as i know, at least it was not for either the Education and Support proposal.


This is incorrect, the volatility buffer applies to all proposals as the Secret Network Charter draft currently stands. The adjustment of the funding period is an alternative to a secondary on-chain proposal.

The latest edu proposal only followed section II.a of the current charter, and not II.b and II.c. I have not checked the valuation differences in the voting period, but if a dip has occurred you should post so immediately upon passing of the proposal in the respective forum thread.


Thanks all ! Love to be part of this growing network, im really seeing that IGC is becoming a big asset in the Secret network eco system. im happy to see its now integrating with more side tasks like the Translation archive that is since the release of the repository a main task now and really creating a bridge between language barriers to gain a bigger audience.

This is just the beginning of a long journey with more to come :heart::heart:

Thanks for the support !


Yes from my end. Really needed and I would love to participate more on the I.G.C. side. Thanks!


Each Channel/Agent is a pretty case-by-case basis. Some chats are super active and people answer questions most of the time. With others that are slower those agents typically help with translations/events/ect (Wesley from the Dutch channel helps run the IGC). There are also several full teams that we support in the breakdown (Persian/Polish/Japanese). So funding for each depends on their activity that we see, their agreed-upon responsibilities, amount of people, etc, and we are setting up more standards in terms of generalized hours/responsibilities internally now that we have been operating for a while. But where we see effort/hours we work to compensate more for those agents, but as always, with part-time work internationally its difficult to standardize totally. We do our best to distribute fairly for work done. Happy to answer more on this if you have questions!

As Brendan said, the volatility buffer is for all proposals, so yeah. Hope that helps.


Keep up the great work, guys. Thank you for sharing all of the work you’ve done including metrics. Very helpful!

SecretChainGirl supports your proposal. :heart:

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