How many nodes are needed At launch?

In the launch of the first iteration of the enigma network how many secret nodes are needed for the network to be considered secure?

Also how / under what circumstances might this number change over time?

I don’t think there’s a right number. Generally speaking, the more nodes you have, the more secure the network is. Since # nodes is proportional to the overall stake, that also tells you much about the cost to attack the network (albeit, with SGX, simply acquiring stake is a necessary, but not sufficient condition).

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In my humble opinion, the number of nodes will become key. Enigma team sets the number of nodes as a function of minimum stake. It’s critical to manage this closely because too much excess processing power in the network will drive the price of processing down to a point where people will not be willing to run nodes and conversely, too little processing power will drive the price of processing up to a point where it’s affordable to users. this will also drive down/up the price of the enigma token/coin. Setting minimum stake may be the only lever of power available to keep everyone interested in the project long term.