Guerrilla Marketing Collective: Revamped Charter

Following lengthy discussions with various community members, we have decided to resubmit the Guerrilla Marketing Collective charter.

Major revisions:

  1. Changed scope from general high traffic areas to crypto events/conferences.
  2. We will be working closely with Brendan and the Awareness Committee to coordinate efforts and recruit agents.

Charter link:

Please share any feedback, thoughts, ideas.

We will be submitting on-chain soon.


Once again, for me this should be a SNAC.

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I once again STRONGLY support this effort.
If at all possible I still think small amounts of SCRT token should be given with QR codes.


These changes address pretty much all my critiques. Idc if it’s a snac or on chain at this point. It’s a yes from @jacob_puzzle and I.


We aren’t opposed to being funded via a SNAC.


The reason I say so is that it makes more sense to be funded per event(s) rather than a continuous basis where there might/might not be events/conferences worth going.

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People say this and then events come and go because there is no infrastructure to achieve the goal.


It could also be set up to try to have at least 1 event per month?

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There’s been nothing stopping you all this time from doing a SNAC (aside from its approval) on any of the recent events. If it didn’t happen it’s because you didn’t want to.

SNACs take time to get approved. It wouldn’t be realistic to create a new SNAC for each event. Like Ranger said, the infrastructure needs to be in place for this initiative to run smoothly.


Very well written guys full support from me and highly looking forward to seeing the work y’all pull out and would love to help with this in any Midwest crypto meet ups.


Very much in support of the move from general areas to areas that have a more concentrated crypto audience.

Would also support targeting areas like internetcafés where you have a likelihood of being able to engage with young adults that are tech-savvy.

I kind of understand the need for more long-term funding instead of per event. Ordering the stuff in higher quantities is cheaper and some of it can have a long lead-time to get delivered.

Just brainstorming here: Have you guys thought of setting out the funding on x amount of events, instead of time? So instead of doing a 3-month funding round. You do an x number of events funding round. Let the crypto event calendar decide whether that be 2 months or 4 months. That way you can take every opportunity out there, if there is many to take?

Got my support :+1:


To just be quite frank this is a type of attitude that I’d like to see stop occurring on Secret Network. I’m comfortable with people supporting or not supporting the initiative, but dictating the terms under which people can contribute is not helping get people involved. People agree that this type of work should be done. I’d say we should let people contribute how they feel comfortable, not dictate under which circumstances that can happen.


I’m not dictating anything. I’m just giving my opinion. You complained (paraphrasing) that this is why nothing ever happens, and all I said is that we just had a couple events and you didnt attempt anything which is definitely not on the community.

I’m not going to change my opinion just because ”people agree”. I will not support a time based funding proposal when its meant to occur at specific events.

P.S Quite funny that voting not to support giving you a salary = bad, dictating terms yet not supporting giving a salary to the Secret Code Podcast = good (you came out against it yourself btw).

You can frame this however you want, but nothing happened because the last time we tried this (which had zero lead pay) it was shut down. We didn’t attempt anything because this group didn’t exist and was actively discouraged. People support it now because they see that having some people focused on this is important. You can’t expect people to step up only when you want them to, especially after discouraging them.

I think you’re missing the point about Secret Code Podcast. Us placing stickers and doing ground game marketing for Secret is not a personal business. We cannot monetize the QR codes. You’re welcome to ignore that fact if you want.

You can try conflate things as if salary requests can only be rejected for one single reason but sadly thats not the case for me.

Secret Code Podcast indeed does not get my support for that reason but for yours I do not support because you want time-based funding for something that is for specific events which do not have a regular rate of occurrence.

Good thing I never said this either. Just pointing out the hypocrisy in whining about something not happening when you did nothing but post on a forum to try make it happen.

Ya. We’ll just have to disagree. This isn’t an event based charter. We can target colleges, museums, major transit hubs, internet cafes, etc. This isn’t about one conference. This is just about putting some awareness out in the physical space and seeing what get’s traction. I’m not whining that nothing happened. I’m just pointing out the obvious that you cant have it both ways.

To be clear just like I asked about one per event, Id support doing one funding for X events like Stefan said.

Maybe you should read point 1 of your own proposal.

“Changed scope from general high traffic areas to crypto events/conferences”



Proposal is on chain!