Generate a SCRT address see what happens👀

While I wait for support from Math Wallet I created another wallet on the secret network: secret1pepq2uyyt8sgvkc4nee6307g9zykdehntafjx6

Now I have other issues with the ENG burn. When I try to burn at it does not confirm… Instead I pay for empty transactions it seems:


EDIT: nevermind, it went through, it just took 5 minutes lol.


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Your :pizza: has been delivered!

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Will this be worth few XL pizzas soon?

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I say yes! :smiley:

:pizza: :pizza: :pizza:

Sent your SCRT!


Love the concept you guys are working on :slight_smile :slight_smile:

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@AsHappyAsLarryCanBe and @katla not sure if you got SCRT yet so I just sent you each 5 :pizza:

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I was told there would be Pizza :eyes:… secret1939ldupgsay3xxgcjvxtge7m2uusxhzqmres8g

Welcome @Eugene! Your :pizza: is ready.

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I’ve managed to generate an address via the mobile math app, however my problem now is that I can’t seem to switch “Secret Network” on the web chrome extension on PC. For some reason I can only see “Enigma” network on the drop list and no “Secret Network”. When I check the full list of available networks in settings Secret Network appears to be on the list but no options to turn it on. I can only add a custom one but when I enter the node address copied from the mobile app and confirm it simply enters an infinite loading loop after which I need to restart the extension as it becomes unclickable. Any advice?
wallet generated : secret1zx4uqxcau7zswzvff4pyaapmaeffs0x6zaf89g
node setting address that I tried to copy over to the web extension wallet on PC :
Thanks in advance

I would recommend you check out Keplr wallet for pc-based Secret Network interactions.