First Impression Feedback

Okay, it literally invited me to, stating: “There are no more Site Feedback topics. Why not create a topic?”

My first impression joining this forum - Nice UI and the badge system is a great way to monitor activity without having to babysit every newcomer to the group. As a newcomer, the badge system made me feel recognized - or at least acknowledged.

Prominent members (high trust level) respond to posts and comments regularly. Also, my own posts and introductions were acknowledged in a timely manner.

Easy to navigate and profile activity portion is a great way to monitor one’s (self) behavior. Also, the activity tracking provides a strong history for disputes or accusations. Great work!

In addition, this Secret site can be a source of punishment for people who do not DYOR/DMOR. Failing to read the guidelines, posts, or wiki - could result in someone asking stup*d questions - - - weed out tire-kickers (like buying a car) /visitors /spies.

Finally, the transparency in the forums is excellent. I noticed disputes falling out, throughout the forum. I think this is good because it shows a new person that Secret has nothing (kinda) to hide. Also, getting to know the drama history helps someone feel that they can relate to other members & shows the character of members.

FINALLY, Could there be a section for non-technical people? Maybe a general thread for people who don’t know much about the community or technology. A new member not being familiar with the computer languages or network structure may feel - ummm… not sure, but researching is really the only thing to do on the forum. Maybe a MUTED section for people to blow off steam or newcomers to ask st*pid questions. It is a little intimidating leaving a post when there is hours of research to do before hand.

Thank you for having me and keep up the great work!


@tor is the one who controls the forums !!

I would have appreciated more feedback and no need for " !! "

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It’s a good idea, but we probably won’t add much until we see more activity on the forums.
I would also love to have more roles and give the community more power.
until now we have not noticed any major spam or bad behavior that warranted the need for harsh punishments.

But all feedback is welcome, and who knows in the immediate future we may have to implement some(or all) of those ideas.


Well done LawfullyFree,
The obvious is quite often the least obvious.
I am one of those who has 1% of the knowledge that is required to properly engage.
So a section " For the Dummies " without making the broader community frustrated with the basics of the inquiry would be wonderful.
Knowledge is power but if you do not ask, you can not Learn. Though would prefer not to annoy the majority whilst learning

I think the “General / FAQ” section is great for newer community participants. I would like to see more activity here, but people have shown a preference for real time communication on Rocketchat, Telegram, Discord, etc.

This is a good place to discuss questions of governance and longer term coordination :slight_smile:

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