Education Committee On-Chain Proposal

Secret Community -

@Dumdidum-001 and I are requesting to move the Education Committee for on-chain funding. This is a coordinated effort across all existing committees to move on-chain, based on the community’s expressed interest to increase decentralization and accountability for committee activity. We are excited to be part of this movement and wish to continue to serve the community in educational pursuits.

EDIT (June 7, 2021): Education Committee Proposal

The Education Committee Charter outlines the expectations, responsibilities, and deliverables we hope to accomplish in the next 3 months (June 1 - August 31), as part of the on-chain proposal spend. We would love to hear your support, feedback, and concerns on this charter.


  • May 31 - June 6: Education Charter feedback and review
  • June 7: Education Committee Proposal submitted as on-chain proposal
  • June 7 - June 14: Education Committee Proposal deposit and voting period

The Education Committee exists to create, update, and manage educational content to accelerate the use and adoption of Secret Network. We work closely with other committees to ensure our output is relevant, and supports their goals.

We fully intend to continue to lead the committee to the best of our ability and are very excited to get to work on behalf of the community and would appreciate your support where possible! If you feel like you have the necessary skills/background/desire to make help others learn about the importance of privacy, the value of Secret Network, and how to best utilize Secret applications, come join our committee!

Meetings will be held on Thursdays at 3PM UTC (i.e. 11AM EST, 10AM CT, 9AM MT, 8AM PT), where education-related needs in the community may emerge. However, we are open to changing this to fit the schedules of the majority of Education Committee members.

As always, your constructive input and feedback on the above charter is appreciated. Please feel free to leave comments in forum post. Here’s to growing Secret Network and spreading education! :facepunch:


Darren (fuzzzypizzza) and Dumdidum
Education Committee Leads


Greetings Secret Network,

The education committee has been extremely valuable since its inception in September 2020. Collaborations with design have yielded infographics and tutorials for large product launches since the beginning of the network. The Monero bridge, BSC, SecretSwap, etc. And as I am sure everyone is aware of, the educational needs of the network are always shifting and evolving. Both @fuzzzypizzza & @Dumdidum-001 have done an incredible job with continuing to push the network forward on education. Both leads have an excellent work ethic, attention to detail, and ability to collaborate.

Concerning the charter, having read through it carefully I feel as though it is comprehensive and fully covers the scope of what this committee needs to cover. You have my support!


I think funding Education is a no-brainer. You guys do outstanding work week in and week out. You definitely have my support.


I think education is a no-brainer too! But it depends on the curriculum and the retention rate?

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Really looking forward to the proposal hitting the chain. Awesome work you did so far!

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The proposal is on-chain, ID: 38

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