Education Committee Funding Proposal

Purpose of the Education Committee

This proposal is for on-chain funding of the Education Committee through the period 01 September 2021 to 30 November 2021.

The Education Committee exists to create, update, and manage educational content to accelerate the use and adoption of Secret Network. We work closely with other committees to ensure our output is relevant, and supports their and the overarching Secret Network goals.

For full Education Charter see here: Education Committee Charter V1.1.pdf - Google Drive

Target Deliverables in This Funding Period

Continual Deliverables

  • Maintain and organize education content across Secret Network repositories
  • Assist with educational content (infographics, blog posts, articles, tutorials) for all launches of products and ecosystem components (such as bridges)
  • Organize and manage the education committee and its projects
  • Function as program management for all education related SNACs

Project Deliverables

  • Migrate all educational content from Agent HQ to the Secret Network mainpage (
  • Assess Secret Network website pages for ease of onboarding for new investors and developers ( “Learn” and “Developer” pages)
  • Describe Secret Network processes (flowcharts, guidelines, document templates)
  • Create a master repository for educational documents for Secret Network

Notable achievements that were delivered in the last funding period are posted in the thread below.

Performance Indicators by Which the Committee Can Be Held Accountable

For content created and maintained we propose a high level KPI that seeks to summarize the education committees activities: Content Created. The definition being any infographic, article, tutorial, video, webpage that was created by the committee and its members. Although the time and effort that goes into these pieces of content can vary widely, we believe that it, statistically, provides a measurement on the performance of the committee. Notable deviations from the target will see an explanation from the committee leadership. We have looked at the historical data over the past 3 months, so far as available, and estimate a target of 50 pieces of content is realistic. With that said, we do like to emphasize that this KPI is experimental. We are still assessing a consistent method to measure quality for education committee content.

Content created | target: 16/month.

Budget Request

The Education Committee asks a budget for the compensated leadership roles and a discretionary budget to put bounties on open projects and reward committee members on top of the rewards they are able to earn through the Secret Agent Program.

We based our budget on a SCRT price of $1.50 (25 day moving average price of $1.26 and a current price of $1.52).

Compensated Roles

Dumdidum | 𝕊001 = 3,000 SCRT / month | 12-15 hours per week

  • Current Education committee lead for 4 month
  • Project Lead for the Secret Network NFTgame Orbem Wars
  • Hired contractor for Secret Foundation (25h/week max) for project and program management.
  • 13 years professional experience in quality assurance, operational excellence and continuous improvement with national & international companies in varying sizes from start-ups to SP500 companies
  • Content Creator, developer, and owner at/of the Game Development Center YT channel. Creating educational content for the Godot Game Engine. Produced nearly a hundred in-depth video tutorials among other education content and support.
  • Public speaker on varying topics including Game Design & Programming

Darren | FuzzyPizza = 3,000 SCRT / month | 12-15 hours per week

  • Current Education committee lead for 6 months
  • Creator of Agents HQ (, the primary hub for secret agents program
  • Led and/or contributed to over 90 completed Secret Network projects, spreading awareness and education using infographics, diagrams, and written articles
  • Managing consultant with 5 years of experience at a Big 4 accounting firm, delivering strategic IT transformation programs for Fortune 500 clients in the financial services, credit services, and banking sector. Skills include project management, strategic planning, technology education, process mapping, and org change management.

Discretionary Budget

Discretionary Budget = 575 SCRT / month

The education committee requests a discretionary budget to compensate committee members for their work. This budget will be used to reward the completion of open projects like the creation of infographics, articles, written/video tutorials. The Discretionary budget is based on:

  • 3 Types of open projects (infographics, articles/written tutorials, and video tutorials),
  • a base time per project type (1,5 hour, 4 hours, and 8 hours respectively),
  • expectation per project type (4/month, 8/month, 1/month respectively),
  • rewards at 12.5 SCRT per hour.

These open project bounties will be on top of the rewards one can earn in the Secret Agent program. The two reward structures combined will result in fair compensation for these smaller projects. We are fully aware that the ‘hourly’ rate is not up to professional level (professional video editor, professional photoshop artist). However, we believe that people with such professional skills can use open-projects as a stepping stone to request SNAC funding, and we look forward to guiding such contributors in getting successfully funded for their ideas to grow the network.

With the above said we are asking for

  • 75 SCRT/month, 225 SCRT total to compensate infographics
  • 400 SCRT/month, 1200 SCRT total to compensate articles/written tutorials
  • 100 SCRT/month, 300 SCRT total to compensate video tutorials

The SCRT left (~400) from the previous funding period will be used in case of budget overflow to ensure we can capitalize on every education opportunity. Any SCRT left at the end of the funding period (3 months) will carry over to the next round. If both education leads discontinue their role the remaining funds will be transferred to the new leads.

Total Ask

Dumdidum | 𝕊001 = 3,000 SCRT / month

Darren | FuzzyPizza = 3,000 SCRT / month

Discretionary Budget = 575 SCRT / month

Total Proposal Spend for 3 Months: 19,725 SCRT

As always, your constructive input and feedback on the above proposal is appreciated. Please feel free to leave comments in forum post. Here’s to growing Secret Network and spreading education! :facepunch:


Darren and Stefan
Education Committee Leads


Achievements of the last funding period. For details you can review the running thread with weekly updates here: Education Committee: Progress Reports - #16 by fuzzzypizzza


Hey there,
Appreciate the work being done, 6k SCRT/month for 16 « content » piece + some management seem a bit high in my book. Do you have actionable KPIs like number of reach through your contents, conversion etc ?
On having 2 leads I m not against it, but having one lead being a 25h/week contractor of foundation seem a bit high for the pay.
Would like to see the comp lowered or some good reasons for it to be at $4.5k for 15h/week


We are voting no on this because dumbdidum is already paid for his time from the Secret Foundation. Happy to see the work continue but not a fan of the double dipping. With the community pool working group coming along I think the pool should be used for people who actually need it vs being used as a slush fund for those on foundation payroll.


I agree with apudhd. The one piece I picked up and shared from Discord looked like it said 3 months to start a committee and when you go online to the Github the ENG team says you can just submit your name, lol.

I also started the process of submitting an app to the forum and had a lot of confusion with the process. A committee lead closed it prematurely and no feedback or material were created to fix it.

For all of the talk on Game apps not having ROI for funding but double dipping and making $10K a month to build a turrent just feel like another slap in the face by the Education lead.

Let marketing handle it.

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Just to add may be worthwhile to post the actual content in a folder for people to browse. This will remove guessing about what 41 pieces of content means. Allows people to gauge quality and scope of it.


25 hours a week at $70 is $7k a month and I don’t like that it’s taking a group of engineers to build this game or that he’s getting paid that much for a game in Godot because Unity has so much more scope and it’s not exactly a tool everyone wants to use. Dumdidum is the highest paid community member by far. Hell, I’m working for free and could still find time to make better infographics that what I’ve seen and we should use Fiverr if we are engineers and not artists.

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It doesn’t matter to me that he gets paid a lot it matters that he circumvented the committee movement to the pool. All the leads organized around an idea of being funded by the chain to make the leads more aligned and to break the conflict of interest with the foundation paying them, dumbdidum and john b Both decided to circumvent that by contracting with the foundation instead of using the pool. This bypasses all that work and re-introduces the conflict of interest.


I agree to an extent but have a question for @Stefan-001.

Could you clarify what your scope is as Edu co-lead and that your work with the Foundation is entirely out of this scope.

Scope alone is deceptive when tor has stated all the work he gets paid for is for the community. So if he is getting paid by the foundation for work for the community he is working for the network. He chose to get paid by the foundation for that work instead of the community pool and that still re-introduces the conflict of interest.

The only way they would be totally separate is if the work he was doing for the foundation was for the foundation and not for the Network imho.

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Brigading every post is distasteful and is getting tiring now.

Multiple people have tried to talk about this to you and you’ve refused to work with them to answer questions including your background.

If you choose not to at least show your background including these massive kpi’s you’ve alluded to, what are you trying to achieve?


Sure I think the education lead role is clear from the charter.

Next to the 15 hours as the education lead the foundation contracted me for project and program management.

I coordinated the XMR bridge launch between all the stakeholders and currently shifting focus to the SNERP project. I will help with foundation projects as well as the smooth launch of externally developed applications if those teams feel they could use such support from the foundation.

The hours I spend on this work can fluctuate greatly depending on the projects that are ongoing. The chain, and the way we fund human resources through the chain (3 months in advance), does not allow for the flexibility for this type of contract work, and so the chain wasn’t a good solution.

So I’m not double-dipping. The hours are not the same, the contract type is not the same. The chain is simply is not fit for this type of contract work.

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Suggesting it’s not fit for the chain is an arbitrary assertion when the work you do is all the exact same type of work. The foundation likes to say the pool isn’t good for certain things as well, but it only becomes true if people like you avoid the pool when it’s a valid option. They also get more influence and control over the situation when people opt for funding from them instead of pool, which is why the conflict of issue thing was such a problem.

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How would you suggest someone get paid for work in arrears with an assurance that the chain couldn’t just decline a vote saying they’re not happy with it?

Getting paid in advance is easy, in arrears - not so much.

Honest question… what is an arrears? I tried plugging in “areas” and the logic still compiled wrong.

In this scenario, DumDiDum does work without guarantees of his hours. Could be 10, could be 50.

Therefore, he can’t go to the pool first and say pay me for X hours.

Payment in arrears means paying after the service has been provided.

However, anyone could vote this down for a number of issues which makes being paid in this manner quite dangerous.

I don’t expect people will vote yes if I put in a proposal for “I don’t know how many hours it will be, but give me X”
I’m not gonna take the risk on my own finances to get paid after the fact with the question if my invoice will get paid based on a vote.

And it wasn’t the foundation that said the pool isn’t fit. That is me.

Not really what that means but okay. It’s a legal term that means “part of a debt that is overdue after missing one or more required payments”. You are not paid in “arrears”.

Not to nit pick but if we are using these type of legal terms instead of simple language to sound intelligent it may backfire…

That is effectively a 25% cut from our last proposal.

The work I do as contractor is separate from my work is education leader. Consider it 2 separate clients that I serve as independent contractor.

Reach and conversions aren’t part of our KPI’s, we hand our content of to awareness.

As described we have sought to include quality of the content as a KPI. Before we were able to implement this measurement we have decided as a network to move all the educational content to a new platform. This move meant we started from scratch when it comes to implementing this measurement, but we very much intend to do so.

It sounds to me like you are uncomfortable with how the pool works and that’s fine. No the pool does not just guarantee everybody funding forever I don’t think the foundation or any other source does either. However, You are already paid by the foundation for your work / they can afford to pay you more. The conflict of interest issues have still been reintroduced but I’d at least like to see the pool for people who need it not it being used like a supplemental income for people who join the foundation.