Development committee: what would you like to see

Hello Secret Network community, creating this post to collect feedback on what you’d like to see the developer community achieve.

Earlier today @the-dusky offered to co-lead the committee and provide support and tooling for frontend development. I believe this committee should be a place to:

  • discuss development related ideas
  • get help / feedback with code
  • grow secret network developer ecosystem (acquisition through tapping into other developer communities, hackathons etc.)
  • provide coordination among developers in the secret network ecosystem
  • community members who are building share their progress

Please share with us what you’d like to see.

I found a job description that Polygon had for a dev-evangelist role and I believe this committee should be lead by someone who is excited to fulfill the tasks listed [here]. This may be possible by having a co-lead to @the-dusky who can build secret contracts and is excited to be active in other developer communities. (Developer Evangelist Job Openings Remote | Polygon(Previously Matic Network))




I believe it is extremely important that we help form a developer culture that is focused on growing developers of a range of skill levels. Items listed in the initial post are excellent, but I would add an additional focus on dev culture. What type of culture is most effective for growing and retaining developers?

(1) Friendly
(2) Encourage experimentation
(3) Sharing what works
(4) Sharing what doesn’t work
(5) Sharing of resources and materials, with collaboration to continue to grow these components
(6) Mentorship

Additionally, I think it is important that this committee begins to meet more than once a week. Meetings should be focused on sharing updates and progress, and answering any questions. Preferably, this committee should have a budget to help facilitate Secret Network hackathons and developer participation.

I’m excited to hear what other ideas people have with the continued formation of this committee!

That job description actually sounds amazing Can, right until we get to speaking. Thankfully no problem for @the-dusky


I think a front end dev committee is an awesome idea! I made a post in support of it on Sandy’s original thread when he proposed a charter, so rather than repeating those comments I’ll just link to it here. Web Development Committee: Background and Charter - #4 by AustinW

I would like to see this committee build out a learning curriculum for onboarding new devs. We have the SecretJS templates, but as a new dev myself I found that I needed more real examples to figure out how everything worked.

Here’s a few things that come to mind for tutorials and/or example applications:

  • How to work with Figment, SecretAPI, or other APIs available to the community.
  • Wallet Support
  • Working with Secret Testnet
  • Working with private keys
  • Send tokens from one address to another
  • Basic staking app

Looking forward to see where this goes!

Secure Secrets



I agree with most of what’s already said. One thing that is overlooked in my eyes, is reproducibility.

I see a huge lack of searchable content. We should strive to achieve a place where all aspiring SN devs can find tooling, tutorials, information, and code help easily without having to reach out to others. Currently, the documentation is scattered & outdated, and every new dev runs into the same questions/issues, while community individuals have the knowledge that one might be looking for. I suggest making 2 changes to the workflow:

  • set a central landing page for aspiring devs and start updating/writing proper documentation. The main place would likely be (overlap with education committee)
  • start using a common StackOverflow tag, and having it the main location for asking/answering dev questions. This benefits the community greatly in the long run, as information will be readily available, searchable, and easily accessible for all devs (beginner to expert). All in stark contrast to discussing dev work in discord channels or meetings. I think it would make sense to discuss all questions on StackOverflow, and once a week during the meeting have some overview of recently discussed topics on StackOverflow.

I don’t see this need. Regarding what I mentioned above, I would suggest shifting most communication for dev help through StackOverflow. Meeting once a week for coordination purposes seems fine to me.

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Hey ! First post here :partying_face: lol… been following the network for quite some time now so after seeing that there was a secret agent program for ppl looking to contribute i sent in my info ASAP.

I can definitely help out a lot on the front-end side as I’ve worked in the space for a handful of years now. I specialize in building out deterministic JavaScript application’s. I also have experience with building on the web3 APIs to facilitate transactions, integrate wallet providers, etc.

i don’t want to get too in depth here but wanted to express my interest in working on some of the dApps to help grow the community - just wondering how i can get started! Couldn’t seem to find any weekly meeting times so if any1 could
Help me with this onboarding process then let
Me know please!

Will be following
This post but feel free to reach out on discord @ tg#0722 or even via Twitter DM @tgrecojs Twitter .

Looking forward to connections with everyone and ultimately working on some meaningful dApps on the network! :slight_smile:


Hi @seanlee , the dev committee meetings are Mondays at UTC 4pm
The Figment guides cover much of that, but there’s lots of room for improvements and a wishlist of new tutorials.
Anyway both Secret Network and Figment welcome contributions in this area. Its a great way to learn and also contribute, little bonus is Figment pays per tutorial.

Look forward to seeing you in discord, there’s lots of other ways to do cool stuff with those skills, welcome aboard!

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