Design Committee Update - August 25, 2021

Thanks everyone who joined yesterday’s Design Committee meeting! Here’s a quick recap:

:wave:Welcome to Our New Committee Member
:bust_in_silhouette: katiewaisanen - She has been doing visual design for over 15 years and has experience with copywriting/editing, user experience design, video production, and physical material design. Very excited to have her onboard! Fun fact: her brother is Eric Waisanen, who hosts the Secret Network Podcast.

Here’s a list of all the current Design Committee members

:loudspeaker: Announcements

In an effort to provide more design resources and guidance for the community, as well as more consistency in Secret Network’s visual identity, design, and marketing materials, we are starting the process of creating a design system & style guide for the network, building upon previous work done in this space.

We will be consolidating this work in Figma with the intention of eventually publishing a publicly-accessible file on Figma for all to utilize. We will also be collaborating closely with Stake or Die, as they are also developing a design system in Storybook for development needs.

If you are on the Design Committee and interested in contributing to this effort, please send me a DM on a Discord and I will include you in our TBD working sessions.

We will share updates on its progress during our weekly design committee calls.

One outcome of our first discussion on this front was the decision to retire the high-key color palette. This decision was made to help streamline design decisions and provide more consistency in our visual identity, especially with our website.

This marks a step forward for design for the network, as having two color palettes was rather unusual for an organization and a point of confusion for designers in the network. We look forward to having continued discussions on color and providing more guidance for community as we build, define, and refine Secret Network’s design system.

Available Design Opportunities in the :clipboard:Open Project Board

Note: There weren’t many new design opportunities that emerged this past week. We are actively seeking new design opportunities to address in the network. If you have ideas, let us know in the comments below!

:art: One big opportunity for a graphic or visual designer is to help create new images or illustrations for Secret Swap, which speak to the platforms’ themes of privacy, security, and encryption for tokens. Contact Secret Swap Committee Lead, @Iowascero for more details.

Here’s more info on finding Secret Network design opportunities

:clap: Big thanks to everyone who contributed to design for Secret Network this past week:

  • John B
  • Patrick | Cryptocurnc
  • Petchpeth

Petchpeth refined his 3D SCRT token design following feedback from the committee and community:

There is an open project to help explore turning this into a physical coin we sell as merchandise or perhaps use an exclusive reward to community members.

Patrick | Cryptocurnc created some secret network-branded marks for committees and other key organizations within our network, to be used for things like twitter announcements and blog banners, when relevant.

These are available in a variety of formats in the Design Resources folder.

The :star2:Design Committee is RECRUITING!

The Design Committee provides a space for interested community members, designers, and other creatives to gather, discuss, collaborate on, and contribute to design for Secret Network and projects, efforts, and initiatives within it.

If you’re interested in contributing to design for Secret Network, please fill out this short :page_facing_up: Membership Form

:wave:Introduce yourself in the #:star2:Design channel on Discord

:calendar:Consider attending our weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 5PM UTC* (1PM EST, 10AM PT) in the meeting-room-1 voice channel on Discord - Add to Your Calendar

Design Resources

:memo: If you’re unable to attend our meetings, please check out the Weekly Meeting Notes

:file_folder:Design Committee Info & Resources

:page_facing_up:Design Committee Charter