Design Committee Charter

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share a charter for a Design Committee on Secret Network:

Secret Network Design Committee Charter

The purpose of this committee is to provide a space for interested community members, designers, and other creatives to gather, discuss, collaborate on, and contribute to design for Secret Network and the projects, efforts, and initiatives within it.

I will be taking the lead on this committee and would like to explore additional committee leads for specific projects or areas of design as the committee grows.

Currently, the plan is to launch this committee at the beginning of next month (May 4, 2021). The first couple weeks will be spent getting the committee up and running, establishing processes, etc. The committee will then begin conducting official business around mid-May 2021.

Meetings are currently slotted for Tuesdays at 5PM UTC (i.e. 1PM EST, 12PM CT, 11AM MT, 10AM PT), to follow the Awareness & Dev Meetings on Monday, where design-related needs in the community may emerge. However, I am open to changing this to fit the schedules of the majority of Design Committee members.

As always with design, your constructive input and feedback on the above charter is appreciated. Please feel free to leave comments directly in the Google Doc or here in forum.


John Brodish, Design Committee Lead


Very cool way to harmonize creative minds. I’m available to share any resources I’ve got as well as lend a hand with content creation/visual design.

One question I have is, where is the best place to share work we are creating for feedback?

Great question. I’m hoping I can give a clearer answer here in a week or two after taking time to identify some appropriate processes for giving feedback.

Generally speaking, I’d like to avoid the approach of just shooting designs out into discord or telegram for the public to comment on, without the designer being able to adequately share the thought behind their design. This leads to a lot off-the-cuff, un-constructive feedback.

I plan to allocate some design committee meeting time to giving feedback on designs. But I also understand that <1 hour a week is not going to be sufficient for reviewing everyones work to the degree they might need. Therefore, I’m also planning to allocate some design committee meeting time to scheduling follow-up meetings for specific needs, like design reviews or collaboration sessions, for relevant committee members to join.

Additionally, I’m hoping the design channel on discord will be a place for constructive feedback, but I can also see that getting a bit chaotic as the community grows. A need may emerge for separate channels specifically for giving feedback – possibly creating our own discord just to effectively cover the full spectrum of design and the different stages in the design process, vs. trying to do everything in a singular discord channel.

I’d welcome your input in helping figure out some of these things out as we get things off the ground and begin moving forward.


Once the sharing platform is locked in, one idea that comes to mind is organising weekly art drops. For example, having these drops on a Monday would allow the remainder of the week for development. These drops could contain new works seeking feedback, as well as updates made from feedback on works posted in the week(s) prior.
It could also be an opportunity for creators to request further collaborative needs on the projects they’re sharing, while including a synopsis of their work.


Can’t wait to help in anyways I can as well. I have mostly done design for myself, friends, and family. I’ve done a little work with anything from web graphics to designs on clothing. I have a huge passion for art as well. Can’t wait for our first committee meeting.