Design Committee -- asynchronous update for Nov 23 & 30

:wave: Hey everyone

Just a heads up we will :no_entry_sign::date: NOT be meeting on a voice call today (Nov 23)

We will also not be meeting next week (Nov 30) due to the :desert_island: Miami conference.

Instead, we have asynchronous, text updates in the #:fountain_pen:design channel in Discord over the next 2 weeks.

:clipboard: OPEN PROJECTS

• There are currently number of open projects for :fountain_pen: graphic designers. From polishing & redesigning infographics, creating website illustrations/images, to creating thumbnails for social media – with more on the way soon!

If you’d like to be connected with some of these opportunities, many of which are bountied/paid – please leave a comment below with what piques your interest!

• We will soon releasing new, :bookmark_tabs: Secret Agent Missions for designers. Do you have an idea for a design mission? Share your ideas here! SCRT will be awarded to those who’s ideas get implemented.

View Open Projects

:art: Have a design you’ve been working on for Secret Network? Share it in the #:fountain_pen:design channel ! That is a place to showcase your design work :slightly_smiling_face:

:speech_balloon: Have something you’d like to be working on, but don’t see an open project for it? An idea for a design project you’d like to work on? Or an idea for how to improve design for the network?

Let us know! While we don’t always immediate projects available for everyone, we do our best to connect people with opportunities that fit their skills and experience.

:question:What questions do you have? Don’t be shy! Let us know and we’ll be happy to answer.

Lastly, if you’re new here, check out the :file_folder: Design Committee Folder on Google Drive, which contains committee info and design resources.

And, be sure to create a :file_folder: Community Member folder for yourself, sharing some examples of your design work, so we can connect you with opportunities that fit your skills & experience (see the readme for more info)


thanks for the heads up