$CSHBK Questions & UI Feedback Thread on SecretSwap


This thread is for community members to ask questions and offer up constructive feedback on the current set-up of the $CSHBK UI.

Link to page: 𝕊ecret Swap

One source of feedback came from moniker Nikita in telegram:
Would it be possible to display the actual conversion ratio somewhere on the page? The current ratio without context of the underlying ratio appears to be confusing.

Underlying ratio appears to be something like the following:

Users can of course solve for the underlying ratio themselves. Using the following example they could simply go 6490.16 * x = 467.02 $SEFI but that is confusing for users.

Would it be possible to display this ratio for the users themselves instead of having them compute it manually?

Looking forward to everyone’s feedback!


We are working on a fix for when you don’t have a viewing key. Will look like this:

The word “newcomer” will be removed. Unless people like it.
Note: this can be improved based on feedback, but we want to get this up ASAP and then improve.


This is a great suggestion. We can definitely work to improve the documentation, as well, as we see what’s unclear and what might need a better explanation. For those that haven’t had a chance to look yet, docs.secretswap.io is being built as a resource for SecretSwap. Definitely want to make sure that the content is useful and we’re clearly explaining things therein.


Calculation feedback is much appreciated. I fully agree this all needs to be clarified as the “rate” is pretty hard to back into. As a result I worry that people will think there is a mistake being made.


Just to make things clear, maybe for the new generations who have issues with handwritten lettering or for typesetting-desgin-obsesive like me:

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Perfect thank you, I was just whipping something together quick to walkthrough how I believe the ratio works. Thanks for having a much cleaner explanation visually!


What I think would be nice is to have historical data… Like a price plot SCHSBK/SEFI over time, unless some other site like coingecko can provide.

Also curious, would a CHSBK “staking” break the whole thing or defeat its porpoise ? :thinking: