Community Pool Proposals

As we move to encouraging use of community fund to help grow the ecosystem, I think it is imperative for us to treat any new proposal as a bid. This is similar to what is done in government bids for construction jobs. If someone submits a proposal, and the community vote determines that it is necessary, then there should be a 2 week period where other teams can submit bids for the same proposal so that the community can choose the best one. This will ensure a few of things

  1. That there is competition to get the best team
  2. That there is competition to get the best price
  3. Keep people honest with their proposals/request and ensure that they always give us the best deal
  4. Will help prevent nepotism and cronyism

If after the two week period there are no additional submissions for the bid, then it goes to the author of the original proposal.

I believe the this will be the best way to promote good value and growth in our ecosystem, while maintaining integrity and community interests at the highest priority.

I think the pool should be used like an accelerator program, which is rather different than you are suggesting. I’m going to suggest it on Wednesdays gov call.