# Community liquidity multi-treasury fund (all Tokens) to continuous expand TVL and growth the platform and passive income Rewards for Active Investors:

1-The protocol charge a minimum % of fee on all SecretSwap DEX utilities.

2- The protocol logic divide and use that fee to create a diversificate community liquidity treasury fund.

3-The protocol use the funds raised ( all diferent tokens ) to continually add liquidity to all of our LPs.

4-The fund agregated generate returns that we use to buy back SEFI in all the LPs sxxx/SEFI encouraging the pool and the growth of SEFI.

5-The purchased $SEFI is distributed among the $SEFI staked to strengthen the DAO and network SecretSwap utility and avoid dumps.

We are a descentraliced company organization, our enterprise!

I really like 1,2 and 3. I get a bit lost at 4 and 5 tho. I’d prefer I think to keep LPing (maybe with one said SEFI to lock up tokens) than begin to distribute this back to users. I like the idea of building a balance sheet for the protocol itself. This would be owners equity. In the long run maybe it would be worth giving out some funds from it, but in the short-term I think we should build that balance sheet.

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The treasure grows continuously thanks to the fees, this would be equivalent to the treasure of the common own, this treasure will be used by the protocol to give value to the company by adding liquidity to the DEX and offering better usability for all those who decide to exchange in it, this liquidity in turn, it will continuously generate rewards from LP and it is only these rewards that we use to buy SEFI in the DEX and distribute as ROI to the government. The % could also be divided for a SAFU fund and other initiatives with the government and even given also to investors in several different tokens without the need to buy SEFI to distribute. The government will decide its preferences at this point. The idea is to distribute to users who have SEFI in staking to secure the ROI distribution of these investors active in governance and create immense value for investors to want to stay in SEFI and the government.

I posted this as a reply on the other thread but I figured since there is this separate post that directly addresses this idea I should repost my thoughts here. I’m open to arguments if this idea can be elucidated in much greater detail but if I’m being honest, my threshold for convincing is pretty high in part because I haven’t heard of anything quite so involved being done on other AMMs on, say, eth.

Prior Post:
Personally I’m not sure that I support such a complicated system. I feel like keeping it simple is better in that there are often non-obvious consequences and economic incentives to overly complicated systems (e.g., the several defi exploits that are just economic attacks rather than any code malfeasance).

I also don’t really like the idea of using the fees to create a fund that then (i) engages in LP, or (ii) does arbitrage trading on the pools. I feel it needlessly complicates the sefi ownership model from one where the value can just be tied to fees on the system to one where it’s also tied to particular (user) strategies of that system.

In other words, I think that if people want to pool resources to do (i) LP or (ii) arbitrage, that’s great and I may even contribute. I don’t think that fees on secretswap should fund this activity and I don’t want my ownership share of secretswap (in the form of the sefi I hold) to be mixed with this activity which has a separate risk profile.