Communication channels for Enigma developer forum

Hey everyone :),
In the last few months I’ve been studying and learning as much as possible about the Enigma project, Catalyst and the team behind it.

A point of improvement that I would like to see is a clearer and more structured approach for the communication channels used. Especially for the developers forum.

My hope is that this forum will be dedicated to the (software) development and all information related comming from the team also shows up here. That this will be the place for the technical in depth information. To me it is now not clear what the intention is of this forum. Will this replace, extend or compliment the Discord channel? Or a wiki with technical details?

Just a quick summary of all channels I am currently following for bits of information:




Reddit (Project):


Blockfolio’s Signal channel:

Right now the information comes through multiple channels making it difficult to keep track.

A splintered development community can really slow down the sharing of information, and make it more difficult for new members to join. A clear approach and intention to new developers is important to make this forum grow.

This was just my observation and opinion. I am aware that this is a brand new forum that needs to grow. Looking forward to start developing dApp’s on the testnet :smiley:


Thank you for the feedback!

We intend this forum to be the home for developer communication, focused on our protocol and secret contracts. If you are looking to actively develop and build with our protocol, you should have conversations and find resources here (as well as in protocol documentation). I will be pointing developers from our Telegram, Discord, Reddit, and elsewhere to this forum.

Our Telegram is for our broadest community - because it’s real time, important information often gets lost. Medium is primarily for announcements and thought-leadership type posts. Twitter is for broadcasting our announcements and posts, as well as information about upcoming events. Our channels are intentional - we just need to do a better job ensuring conversations go where they ought to.

We are always looking to improve the community in these early days. Open to further comments and ideas.

Thank you for the clarification!

Great to hear about the purpose of each channel and intentions on managing this. I will be keeping an eye on each for the coming time. Your reply is already an example on how to improve in this :smiley: