Committee Inception

We’ve gone through several disputes throughout the history of SecretSwap Governance. Initially, a committee was formed in order to create communication between Secret Labs and the community. Eric and Ethan have fulfilled that role over the past year. They are leading the charge to innovate this platform and bring us into the era of V3. In business, I’ve learned through trial and error that scaling doesn’t work when one/two individuals wear too many hats. There’s a reason why manufacturers don’t distribute, and distributors don’t manufacturer.

It’s time that we propose committee inception. We need a second committee. The roles of this committee would be to discuss proposals and offer the community a form of arbitration. This committee could create a series of bylaws that could help curb future proposals that may be redundant. I do enjoy the governance process and I believe that proposals should constitute law, whether they’re widely/narrowly accepted. I believe that no more than 3 individuals should respresent this committee and these individuals should be paid in SEFI for their time. They can be voted in and serve a short term (i.e. a few months). It may sound like a centralized system, but I believe it could help the community. There are quite a few members scattered on many platforms and the shock comes after a proposal has passed, even though it’s been posted on the forum for a week and on SecretSwap Governance for another week.

P.S. I don’t necessarily feel as though I should be part of this committee. I just think more dialogue is always better. Once V3 comes out, there may be a lot more reward schematics that may need to be adjusted.

Thanks for your time.

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I would personally oppose a second committee for the foreseeable future. The vast majority of resources need to be going toward R&D and not additional administrative overhead.