Commission Rates - The Race To The Bottom (Floor Proposal)

Reading through all this I don’t see anything I can add to the conversation. Seems to me any commission rate is essentially fair game and no consensus around any potential solutions to the issues brought up.

I did like the Cosmos suggestion of a dynamic min. fee based on voting power. I don’t think it’s fair to abandon the conversation in it’s entirety after only having been discussed for 24 hours. I don’t think a lot of people have had time to collect their thoughts, chime in, and/or see this thread. I personally want to think on it more and hope others do too. The race to the bottom needs to be avoided.

I’m not upset per say just saying how it seems to me. I had already gone over the cosmos thread a while back, cosmos community didn’t come up with a solution either and I think all the ideas presented thus far would be very difficult to get through governance no matter which was chosen. I’ll keep tracking the discussion though.