Code of Conduct

In the kindest and most professional way possible, please find someone who can remain cordial within the Telegram. Since when is it acceptable for an “admin” badge user to use profanity towards a validator?

Regardless of the context, there really needs to be a code of conduct across all channels.


I was unaware that community channels were intended to be extremely professional. I also don’t think that there is any difference between a validator, developer or a bag-holder. The way you say it makes it seem like a validator is above the average person.

There is nobody that took this seriously including Brendan who I was talking to separately at the same time.

I apologise and will make sure to be completely cordial and professional in the future. At the same time, we should remove all meme stickers that are posted, any memes such as “wen” or “ser” and anything else that doesn’t contribute to making this similar to a traditional company’s communications.



Glad you understand.

Carry on, ser.