[CLOSED] SNAC - Event: Entrando al Espacio Cripto 2022 Mexico City

SNAC - Event: Entrando al Espacio Cripto 2022 Mexico City.


Date: May 28th

Is the first big IRL event that Espacio Cripto (podcast) community will host. Our main goal is to help onboard as many people as possible to web3 with an event of high quality in all aspects, content, food, venue, cultural relevance, and many other dimensions. We know that people struggle during the first steps in web3, we want to facilitate that process in a community driven approach not only for the Mexican community but also for the Latin American community that attends.

The event will hold around 500 attendees, we want to cap the number of people in the first event so that we deliver something of great value to them.

We will have conferences, workshops, DJ sets, an NFT gallery and networking areas. At the end of the event we will have an amazing, welcoming and fun after-party.

It will be delivered an event with the perfect balance between great web3 and cultural content by Espacio Cripto’s community.

Espacio Cripto started in December 2020 and today is one of the most listened podcasts about crypto in LATAM. Hosts talk about web3, DeFI and Crypto projects in a clear and entertaining way - there is already an episode that covers Secret Network.

The main goal is to create valuable free content that helps people understand crypto and onboard them to web3.

*Results as up to April 2022:

  • A very active community with +1000 members where you can find NFT artists, representatives of other blockchains and representatives for blockchain educational organizations.

  • 3800+ followers on Espacio Cripto’s twitter account.

  • 3400+ followers on Abraham’s (host) twitter account.

  • 5700+ followers on Lalo’s (host) twitter account.

Numbers on Spotify:

  • 60+ episodes

  • Around 15,500 monthly downloads with steady growth mom

  • 150+ ratings with an average of 4.9 stars.


The presence of Secret Network in the event is considered plausible as “ARCHIVE NODE SPONSOR” that includes the following:

  • Logo as a sponsor in every printed document, social media and advertisement.

  • 10 RSVPs

  • Special “desde 0” episode in Espacio Cripto podcast. “Desde 0” is our new YouTube format where we explain people from scratch a topic in web3, NFT’s example.

  • 2 mentions of the sponsorship during the event.

  • 4 project posts in espacio cripto social media explaining what your project is and inviting people to understand it.

  • A twitter spaces dedicated to talk about Secret Network.

Espacio Cripto was one of the main organizers for The DAOist CDMX.


Considering that the community in Latin America is experiencing a boom in the web3 exosystem the goal is to bring Secret Network to the attention of as many people as possible both at the event and after the event through the recordings available. Make them aware of the problems the network solves, the benefits it provides to the user and how the Secret Agents community is one of the most robust in the blockchain ecosystem. In turn, for anyone interested in developing, be fully enticed to build on Secret Network.

*Performance Indicators:

  • Agent Coordinator (onboarding and guiding new agents)

  • Manage Telegram and recently Twitter account for the Spanish content

  • Secret Network representative at 3 AMAs with Spanish-speaking communities

  • Translator

*Budget Request:

  • Sponsorship package $4500

  • Logistics for each person attending 3 in total:

Transportation: $100 + 90 = $190

Hotel Accomodation (1 night) = 60 * 3 = $180

Basic expenses = 30*3 = $90

  • 24 T-shirts (4 boxes of 6 shirts each) = 35*4= $140
  • 20 hats = 20*24 = $480

Total: $5580


To close this SNAC proposal.

This proposal was not accepted as is, yet tickets and merch were compensated to ensure Secret Network has a presence at this event.

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