Cant Claim SEFI?

Hi All - I’ve been staking SCRT since July '20 and just learned about the SEFI drop and don’t see any SEFI in my address:

Also the page 𝕊ecret Bridge (/sefi) just seems to point to the regular page.

Any help? Thank you!

As far as i know you can no longer claim the SEFI airdrop. If you are talking about the SEFI airdrop from the Chain of secrets validator you can find more info here

edit: Apparently you can still claim, check the below message by Reuven!

:confused: urgh say it aint so - yup now w/Chain of Sec. Hopefully there’s a way reg the Genesis block

@plinkfuture Hi there!
The SEFI page has been upgraded to its own dApp hosted at
If you enter the app itself at and click the green SEFI button at the top right corner, you’ll be prompted to claim your SEFI on either Secret Network or Ethereum.

@ertemann The SEFI airdrop will be available on chain for eternity (well, as long as the network exists), and will remain available on the UI for at least another year or so.


Hi @Reuven,
Thank you for the SEFI info. Unfortunately when I click on the SEFI button - I don’t see a lead to claim SEFI. (photo attached)

Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 12.49.47 PM

this is exactly what i was stumbling about, too. different post/ same topic/

although i am not as rich as my question predecessor, i had a similar problem…
after 2 years happily staking with one of my best life investments (200 dollars got x 7- yippy !)i discovered this airdrop event.
i logged with keplr into and i could see my balance.

but pressing on the SEFI button i only get a textinfo. what did i miss?
thanks in advance"

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Where do you see the ‘Claim’ button? If that’s within Keplr that’s just your staking reward - not the genesis SEFI. I click on the green SEFI button and it brings me to that page above with no visible claim button :frowning:

me? i see the same , like in your picture.
i will post our problem in srct’s reddit.

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hi- here is a good sefi claim video

SEFI Claiming and Staking Tutorial

ONLY secret-network removed the SEFI menu

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Yes - it seems it was removed -the url goes nowhere. A good video if the links were still avail. Please Help Us Secret!

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You may have better luck getting help in the Secret Discord chat here:

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no better luck there.
discord registration was a private data catastrophy and after i convinced a friend to help me out with the SMS code, because he owns a mobil, the account was dissolved. wtf.

dear community - some last SEFI airdrop tips for me?

there was a button to claim genesis sefi on but this got deprecated a few weeks back. there should be a way to do this via the CLI and we (the support team) are looking into providing an easy step by step for users. For now you can either open a ticket in the discord or remind me here in the forum in a few days.

Awesome - thank you so much ertemann!

wow. thank you so much! I felt lost …
till then

Hi Ertman - I’ve gotten myself a PC so I’m hoping to run CLI to claim my genesis SEFI and I’ve opened a ticket -though I also wanted to check with you to see if there was any headway with The support team creating an easy step by step tutorial for dolts like me.

Thanks again!